Let’s Get Purse-nal

Today’s gift ideas are all with one general theme in mind – purse-friendly beauty buys! If that seems like a broad category – it’s not. Many of the beauty products we slather on while standing in front of our bathroom mirror, aren’t exactly purse-conducive. Here, I’ve highlighted some (often affordable) beauty picks that have tote-ability in mind.

Marc Jacobs Lip CremeLe Marc Lip Crème – $38 each @ Sephora
This season, Marc Jacobs Beauty is all about the lips. They’ve introduced a new lipstick formulation that not only provides a dramatic pop of colour for 10 hours, but actually feels buttery smooth as you apply it, thanks to an infusion of meranti and cocoa butters. While the twenty colours are all fine and dandy (from pretty pinks to rich browns), I’ve got to highlight the purse-friendly aspect, speaking from personal experience! These sleek lippies actually all have magnetic lids – that black circle you see at the front of every tube above helps lock the lid in place and keeps it from letting your lipstick get on the loose, ruining both it and your bag. Having had the dreaded exposed lipstick trauma happen to myself, the magnetic lid is a game changer here.

Gillette Venus Snap Embrace RazorGillette Venus Snap Embrace Razor – $15.59 @ HealthSnap.ca
If you’ve ever spotted a stray patch of leg hairs while wearing a cute skirt at work or realized halfway through your commute that you’ve forgotten to shave your armpits and are wearing a sleeveless top, then this lifesaver is for you. Gillette has taken the close-cutting power of their regular Venus razor and housed it in a compact shape – with a matching case. It’s compatible with your Venus razorblades, making it a snap to change out as needed. And the included moisture strips on every blade make it easier than ever to get a close shave, whether you’re at the gym, the office, or traveling.

Pink Sugar Roll On Shimmer PerfumePink Sugar Roll On Shimmering Perfume – $25 @ Sephora
Admittedly there are dozens upon dozens of rollerball formulations for your favourite perfumes. If you have a signature scent, I suggest visiting the beauty counter of your fave brand first to see if they’ve got any solutions for you. But I liked this perfume for a few reasons. One, it’s got a delectable smell – like cake or cotton candy – without that lingering toothache (it doesn’t last super long) that some sugary perfumes can leave. Its small size also makes it ideal for stashing in your purse for a spritz-me-up midway through your day. And it leaves a soft and subtle shimmer – not too much that those who are afraid of glitter will shy away from this, but just enough to give you a soft glow.

Sephora Hide and Sleek BrushesSephora Collection Hide and Sleek Brushes – $15-$20 each @ Sephora
A lot of the time we may toss some makeup into our bags with the intention of touching up our look – but what about your brush? You probably don’t want to toss it into your bag, for fear of both spreading sparkly, pigmented flakes of makeup residue everywhere (that stuff stains the lining of your bag like crazy!) and of course, for fear of picking up dirt and grime onto your brush – that will presumably be touching your sensitive face skin at some point. Enter Sephora’s new collection of ‘Hide and Sleek’ brushes. Housed in chic metallic cases, these retractable synthetic brushes are a perfect, affordable, cruelty-free way to have your favourite tools on hand to look as radiant as you did when walking out the house that morning.

Altoids SmallsAltoids Smalls – $13.50 for 9 Packages @ iSweet.ca
Bad breath may fall a little out of the realm of ‘beauty buys’ – but you could be the most gorgeous gal on the planet and people will steer clear of you if your mouth smells a little musty. Altoids, long celebrated as one of the strongest sugar-free mints in the world, has launched miniature versions of their tasty, breath-freshening mints. Available in peppermint, wintergreen and cinnamon, they’re great to have on your desk, in your car, and yes, in your bag.

DERMATDoctor MED e Tate WipesDERMAdoctor MED e TATE Wipes – $19 for 10 @ Sephora
If you want to stay fresh as a daisy all day long, then you’ll definitely want to invest in these antiperspirant wipes. Simply swipe one whenever you’re feeling the heat (or the sweat) under you armpits and it’ll soak up any existing moisture and smell, while providing you with some antiperspirant coverage to get through the rest of your day. It’s certainly a lot more practical than taking an actual tube of deodorant along – you avoid the risk of the cap popping off, the embarrassment of someone saying a mini stick in your purse, and the possibility of the antiperspirant’s texture changing in extreme heat (i.e. melting). A ‘cool’ idea indeed.

Tangle TeezerTangle Teezer – $25 each @ Sephora
Even the finest or sleekest of hair is prone to tangles. Enter the Tangle Teezer, a unique, palm-sized brush designed to gently and effectively unwind your tangles without that painful (and harmful!) tugging sensation you may get from a regular comb or brush. Plus, that gentle brush effect also means less damage and breakage to your hair. Rave reviews from gals with even the thickest and waviest locks (including those with weaves!) have earned this beauty all star tons of buzz, making it a must-have for anyone with unruly hair. Available in four festive hues (the cheetah print variation isn’t pictured here), the purse-friendly element comes from the included snap-on base. If you’ve tossed a brush into your regular bag, not only does it have the potential to scratch up other things you put in there (including your hand!) it can also quickly get grimy as the oils from you hair pick up bits of debris and dirt. The solution here protects everyone and makes it an awesome purse-friendly pick!

If you’re interested in taming your tresses then you’ll definitely want to keep on reading – I’m giving away a Tangle Teezer to a lucky reader! Here’s how to enter for your shot at winning:

1) First off! You must be a Canadian Gift Guide subscriber to enter this giveaway. Just find the ‘Gift of Gab’ box on the righthand side of this page and either hit ‘Follow’ or enter your email address. Once you’ve done that, leave me a comment by April 12, 2015 telling me what your favourite purse-friendly beauty buy is in this post, as well as what colour of Tangle Teezer you’d like to win.

2) Entries are limited to one per person / per email address / per household (or more if you score bonus entries). A random draw will be conducted on or around April 13, 2015 to select the winner(s), who will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen in their place.

3) Entries are limited to Canadians that have reached the age of majority in their province. Quebec is not eligible for this promotion.

4) Bonus Entry: Follower Tangle Teezer on Twitter and send them a Tweet that tags both of us (I’m @cdngiftguide) and links back to this pos. Then, post a link BACK to your Tweet in a separate comment below.

99 Responses to “Let’s Get Purse-nal”
  1. Karen says:

    The Med e Tate wipes would be great and a pink Tangle Teezer.

  2. CLC says:

    I definitely need the tangle teezer and maybe a box of altoid smalls.

  3. janicour says:

    I favourite is the tangle teaser, and I love the pink. Easy to find colour in my purse.

  4. Sarah Hawley says:

    I would want the le Marc Lip Creme in my purse and definately the pink tangle teezer 🙂

  5. janicour says:

  6. Aimee says:

    A black tangle teaser would be great. It would be good to throw into my daughters dance, skating, gymnastics bags

  7. Julie G. says:

    The Pink Sugar roll on perfume is a perfect purse addition, I think it would be really handy. I’d like a black tangle teaser.

  8. Katie says:

    It would be super helpful to have the MED e Tate wipes. I would want a “gold rush” tangle teezer.

  9. Anne Derkat says:

    I like the Lip Creams and I’d love the Tangle teaser in pink.

  10. edmontonjb says:

    The Hide and Sleek Brushes look really nice. i would like the black Tangle Teezer best


  11. Debra says:

    Tough choices – I think the Hide and Seek brushes would be my choice. And for the Tangle Teasers, another tough choice – pink or leopard spotted!

  12. S. Hirano says:

    I have two young daughters, so the Tangle Teaser would come in handy.

  13. Linda Brown says:

    I like the Pink Sugar roll on perfume…..

  14. Lindsey says:

    The Hide and Seek Brushes are a great idea. I would oick the gold Tangle Teezer.

  15. Sherry K says:

    Would love to carry the Aldoid smalls around in my purse and the pink Tangle Teezer is my favourite.

  16. Sherry K says:

  17. Cheryl A. says:

    Giggling in my head about packing a razor! Eeeek!
    Those Sephora hide and seek brushes look very practical and would be my pick.

  18. Jennifer Deol says:

    I like the Gillette Venus Snap Embrace Razor the best and the color of Tangle Teezer I like is the leopard print one.

  19. Joan G. says:

    Le Marc lip cream is always nice for a TouchUp.

  20. mcmc says:

    my lip gloss is with me always and I like the gold color Tangle Teezer

  21. leah leitch says:

    Hi, I like the roll on perfume from Sephora, I’d choose the gold Tangle Teezer 🙂

  22. leah leitch says:

  23. May says:

    I like the Gillette Venus Snap Embrace Razor because it’s so small and cute. I would love the Tangle Teaser in Pink Sizzle!

  24. Elena says:

    The Le Marc Lip Creme is my favourite item. I love lipstick, it’s the one item I don’t leave without.

  25. dabrowne says:

    I would choose the Le Marc Lip Creme. I love the fact that it last up to 10 hours without drying out my lips.

  26. Susan Patterson says:

    My favorite is the Tangle Teezer and I like the color black – thank you!

  27. kiraali says:

    The Tangle Teezer is my fave! And the colour black is the best! 🙂

  28. tammy ta says:

    The Tangle Teezer is my fav. purse-friendly beauty buy-would love to have the black

  29. Karen says:

    love the tangle teezer

  30. Theresa Jones says:

    Hide and Sleek Brushes for me please

  31. Susan says:

    I like the Sephora Hide and Sleek Brushes. I like the pink Tangle Teezer.

  32. Erin McSweeney says:

    the Pink Sugar Roll On Shimmering Perfume – $25 @ Sephora is my favorite especially since i wear that perfume

  33. Russ Penny says:

    my wife would like this.

  34. Rachel C. says:

    The tangle teezer looks great! My brushes always get caught in my bag anyway (rip the seams, etc.) so that would be an added bonus not to worry about that (since it’s self-contained by the look of it). And don’t even get me started on my tangles…!

  35. Theresa says:

    Sephora’s Hide and Sleek’ brushes – and I’d love a black Tangle Teezer

  36. Alison K says:

    I’m a Canadian Gift Guide subscriber. My favourite purse-friendly beauty buy in this post is the Gillette Venus Snap Embrace Razor – $15.59 @ HealthSnap.ca (a tad expensive though). I’d like to win the Tangle Teezer in Rockstar Black. Thanks 🙂

  37. Alison K says:

    @tangleteezer bonus entry: Followed Tangle Teezer on Twitter and tweeted https://twitter.com/SoulSeeker0/status/580518272577216513

  38. kevin snyder says:

    the tangle tweezer

  39. Burcu says:

    I like Pink Sugar Roll On Shimmering Perfume
    I’d love a black Tangle Teezer

  40. Snap Razor or MEDeTATE. I’d love a pink Tangle Teezer:D!

  41. intensev5 says:

    I like the pink colour. I also would love to own some of the Sephora Collection Hide and Sleek Brushes.

  42. nicolthepickle says:

    The Gillette Venus Snap embrace razor is my favourite pick. And my favourite colour is the pink one.

  43. aarone mawdsley says:

    I want to try Gillette Venus Snap Embrace Razor – $15.59 @ HealthSnap.ca

  44. Samantha h says:

    I love the pink sugar scent so that’d be my choice. And pink!

  45. Jennifer L. says:

    I like the Gillette Venus Snap Embrace Razor. I’d choose the pink Tangle Teezer.

  46. gmamaye says:

    The Tangle Teezer would help me so very much! And pink is my favorite but any color would do

  47. diane p says:

    I could really use the Tangle Teezer and my favourite colour is pink.

  48. Patricia G says:

    Sephora Collection Hide and Sleek Brushes are a super idea. Like the Tangle Teazer in black.

  49. Chantelle says:

    My favorite is the hide and sleek brushes and I would love the pink tangle teezer

  50. Victoria Ess says:

    My favourite is the Le Marc Lip Crème and I’d love the black Tangle Teazer!

  51. FrugalFowers says:

    I want the hide and sleep brushes they look great

  52. Lisa Morrison says:

    I love the Le Marc lip creme and I would like the gold Tangle Teaser.

  53. I love Cinnamon Altoids, so I’m going to vote for those as my favourite.

  54. I tweeted:

  55. Dreena says:

    I like the Pink Sugar Roll-On Perfume; great to have a scent in your bag for a quick touch-up. I’d choose the black Tangle Teaser.

  56. Maria Griffin says:

    The brushes are super cool! So glad someone invented that. Family of girls with long hair.

  57. I’d love the tangle teezer and a cheetah print one would be cool.

  58. crescenza2 says:

    My favourite is the Tangle Teaser that is much needed for my fine, curly hair that tangles so easily.

  59. Melinda says:

    My favourite item is the Le Marc Lip Crème and the colour of tangle teezer and would love the gold colour.

  60. aclily19 says:

    Definitely the tangle teaser. The brush I have now keeps falling apart in my purse.

  61. cookie3 says:

    my favorite is the LeMarc lip crème-the magnet is an awesome idea.
    I also like the pink Tangle Teezer

  62. Cheryl Lewis says:

    I like the Med E Tate’s and the pink tangle teezer

  63. Tiffany M says:

    The LeMarc lip creme! Can’t beat great lip color. I’d love a pink Tangle Teezer- thanks for the chance!

  64. linnett says:

    My fav item would be LeMarc Lip Cream in Electric Watermelon

  65. eleanor says:

    I like the Le Marc Lip Creme

  66. eleanor says:

    I like the gold coloured Tangle Teezer

  67. Cahley Tod-Tims says:

    I love a good Nivea lip balm and a neutral lip gloss. I would like the black Tangle Teezer.

  68. Kiersten says:

    The Le Marc lip creme would be awesome, and I would like the tangle teezer in gold!

  69. samantha turnbull says:

    those marc jacobs lipsticks look lovely! and i would pick a black tangle teezer

  70. samantha turnbull says:

  71. SueSueper says:

    I would like DERMAdoctor MED e TATE Wipes. These would be convenient to have in my bag.

  72. Jessica Lord says:

    the tangle teezer in black

  73. karen petrychko says:

    I need my purse mirror.

  74. Cathy Oppedisano says:

    My favourite purse-friendly beauty buy would be DERMAdoctor MED e TATE Wipes. Gold would be the colour of Tangle Teezer I’d like to win.

  75. truckerofbc says:

    My wife would love the Lip Cream and she likes the Pink Tangle Teezer

  76. I like the razor and the marc jacobs. I would like the pink tangle teezer.

  77. katydidit21 says:

    The Tangle Teezer is my favourite and pink would certainly stand out in my purse.

  78. Tracy D says:

    I am a subscriber. :). The Venus snap mini s a great idea for your purse.! We’d love to wins the pink tangle teezer. Thank you!

  79. Susan T. says:

    The Marc Jacobs lip cremes with the magnetic lids are genius! Lip stick lids always come off in my purse! I would love the cheetah print Tangle Teezer.

  80. The mini razors would be great for travelling

  81. adrienne says:

    Would love to try have that razor around. genius!

    …pink for me please 😉

  82. Lorraine Squires says:

    I like the Sephora Collection Hide and Sleek Brushes. I would like the pink Tangle Teezer.

  83. Taps says:

    love the shimmering perfume roll on and the Tangle Teezer would be Cheetah print.

  84. Wanda Bergman says:

    I’m a subscriber. My favourite purse friendly item is the Sephora Collection Hide and Sleek Brushes. My favourite colour Tangle Teezer is pink!!

  85. Maria says:

    OMG love love Tangle Teezer

  86. Laura F. says:

    My favourite purse-friendly beauty buy is the Tangle Teezer and I would prefer the pink one.

  87. Domenique says:

    Hair elastics. Sorry can’t live without them… for me or my daughter. 🙂
    I’d prefer pink.

  88. mousecat says:

    My fave purse friendly thing in this post was the Altoids! I love those things!

  89. Betty S says:

    My favorite purse trend is the Le Marc Lip Creme, no purse should be without lipstick. I would love a Tangle Teezer in Pink

  90. My favorite is the Pink Sugar Roll On Shimmering Perfume. If I win, I’d choose pink.

  91. Alison says:

    Tangle teezer in pink if you had my hair you would understand the need!

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