Beats and Eats

Turntable KitchenWhat It Is: One of the more unique subscription services I’ve come across! Each month, Turntable Kitchen sends out an exclusive 7″ vinyl, a digital playlist so you can listen to their curated tunes anywhere, three recipes, a couple of primo ingredients to help you make the dishes, and ‘tasting notes’. It’s a fun collection to liven things up in the kitchen and beyond, elevating your next dinner party from drab to fab.

Who It’s For: Your foodie friend, as a fun hostess present. Your culinary-minded sibling, as a great birthday pick. Your hipster spouse, to suit two of their key interests in one fell swoop.

What It Costs: $25 a month. Shipping to Canada works out to an extra $5 a month.

Where It’s At: Subscribe here.

BONUS entry into last week’s YA beach reads giveaway! Tell me in the comments below – can you think of someone that might love this gift idea? What do you think of it?

17 Responses to “Beats and Eats”
  1. nicolthepickle says:

    I think it’s such a cute idea, and surprisingly reasonably priced.
    It would be perfect for someone in a long distance relationship.

  2. Rachel C. says:

    I think this is a great gift idea! Really well-rounded and thoughtful. I would actually love this for myself!

  3. Heather Swanson says:

    my daughter might like this idea

  4. Lindsey says:

    I love this idea!

  5. Tricia D says:

    Well if I had to share – I would give to my daughter because she is a budding reader and just starting to get into those reads and then I can borrow them too!

  6. Aimee says:

    Very good idea for people that have everything.

  7. intensev5 says:

    My sister-in-law would love this!!!

  8. Joan G. says:

    I can’t see this concept working – I don’t have anyone that I know who would subscribe.

  9. kiraali says:

    This could be an interesting gift, actually!

  10. cookie3 says:

    Hmmm, I’m a music lover & a foodie but this idea I’m not too sure about.

  11. Alison K says:

    Beach Reads: YA Edition bonus entry: I can think of a few people that might love this gift idea. I think it’s a great idea since it’s multifaceted.

  12. Susan T. says:

    YA beach reads bonus entry: I think it is a really cool idea but I don’t know anyone who has a record player. I need hipper friends! 🙂

  13. Susan says:

    I think it’s a unique idea, however, I wouldn’t pay that much money each month.

  14. Anne Derkat says:

    I have a friend who loves to cook and entertain who might be interested.

  15. mousecat says:

    My bestie would love this!

  16. Susan Patterson says:

    My son-in-law would love this! Thank you!

  17. Lisa S says:

    I love subscription boxes and this has to be one of the best I have seen. My friend Dirk would love this!

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