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What It Is: Special occasions and false lashes go together in my world like peanut butter and jelly I tells ya. I regularly apply false lashes for everything from weddings to photo shoots as trust me darlings, few things have a great impact than long, thick, bold lashes. MAKE UP FOR EVER is getting in on the lash game with their new Lash Show lineup. With 50 different handmade false lashes to choose from, there’s a style for every occasion. And I mean EVERY occasion. While 27 of the lashes are designed with a natural look, 23 of them are totally off-the-wall creative, with crazy colours, shapes, and dramatic contours. Not only are the lashes show stoppingly beautiful, they’re also a snap to apply, with a flexible band and a latex-free adhesive. With New Year’s Eve literally right around the corner, I figured I’d tip you ladies off so you can bring the drama tomorrow!

Who It’s For: Your best friend, so you can be fiercely lashed together. Yourself, so you can strike a stunning pose in all those selfies. Your sister, who is taking a well-deserved night off to party the night away and ought to look her best!

What It Costs: Each pair is $22 (including the adhesive). That’s on the higher end of faux lash prices, but you VERY much get what you pay for with fake lashes. The good ones you can even re-use if you remove them carefully.

Where It’s At: If you’re shopping for NYE, Sephora is your best bet.

BONUS entry into my last minute gift guide giveaway! Visit the link above and tell me in the comments below – what are your favourite styles of MUFE lashes?

35 Responses to “Lights, Cameras, Lashes”
  1. aketch says:

    I always opt for the natural look. These would look very nice on my daughter too.

  2. doreen lamoureux says:

    I really like the Lash Show – C-702 – Instant Drama False Lashes & False Lashes Glue – Creative Impact
    dorcontest at gmail dot com

  3. katydidit21 says:

    I like Type N 302 Natural Volume Lashes.

  4. Heather Swanson says:

    Type C -704

  5. Rachel C. says:

    I love the C-803 lashes! So playful.

  6. Joan G. says:

    I’d choose C-709.

  7. cheryl mclellan says:

    I’ve never worn them before but would love to try TYPE N-101 – Dramatic Volume

  8. Kim K says:

    I’ve never worn false lashes before. My fave style is Type N-304 – Natural Volume

  9. Anne Derkat says:

    Have never worn false lashes. I like the C-709 ones.

  10. intensev5 says:

    I love the LASH SHOW – C-702 lashes

  11. Lindsey says:

    I’ve never worn false lashes. They kind of scare me. I would go with Fashion 022

  12. Vicki says:

    Nude Eyelashes 021, I’ve never worn them so I’d start with something subtle

  13. SandyS says:

    C-703 look fun without being too scary!

  14. mcmc says:

    Type N-304 is what I would like to try.

  15. Aimee says:

    I like Type N 302 Natural Volume Lashes. These would be great for my daughters dance recitals.

  16. cookie3 says:

    I like N-503 Dramatic Volume Lashes.

  17. Shannon says:

    I’d choose LASH SHOW – C-706

  18. dabrowne says:

    I would love to try the instant drama of the C701.

  19. Susan says:

    I like TYPE N-101 – Dramatic Volume Lashes.

  20. Susan T. says:

    I don’t wear them myself but if I did I would go dramatic like Type C-805 or Type C-801!

  21. Shelley N says:

    I love the Fashion Eyelashes 130 and LASH SHOW – C-706

  22. cosmicread says:

    I like N-503 Dramatic Volume Lashes.

  23. Alison K says:

    last minute gift guide bonus entry: Visited the link above and my favourite styles of MUFE lashes are the N-305 – Dramatic Volume & C-809 – Artistic. Thanks & happy new year all 🙂

  24. AliKira says:

    If I wore false eyelashes, I would go for: LASH SHOW – N-104

  25. Krysta mukai says:

    Love the N 302 Natural Volume

  26. Solomon says:

    I know someone who want them!

  27. Gigi says:

    I love them all but think N403 are the ones I would wear the most. I like drama in the corners.

  28. Luisa says:

    Love C-702

  29. aly3360 says:

    I really like the shape of the LASH SHOW – C-707 lashes!!

  30. Kelly H says:

    I like the Lash Show – C-803

  31. Lynda Larsen-Baldry says:

    My favourite styles of MUFE lashes are
    Artistic Eyelashes – 115

  32. Victoria Ess says:

    These look like so much fun! I love the C-707 lashes!

  33. Christine Holliday says:

    This looks like a whole lotta fun! I like the natural N-302

  34. Daniela Plume says:

    i like N-104

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