Find of the Month: Parrot

Summer is about to ‘take flight’ (puns!) and I thought it was high time I feature a spectacular, soaring gift idea in the form of…drones!

Parrot Drones

Parrot is one of the world’s top consumer electronics brands that’s particularly well known for producing drones (although it’s key to note they produce quite a few other products, like headphones, automotive gadgets, and a gadget that tells you when to water your plants). In their drone division, they produce a range of models from full-sized to miniature for experienced drone flyers and beginners alike.

Why do I think drones make a great gift idea? They’re totally of the moment and work for all ages. Kids learn about engineering and mechanics while adults get in touch with their inner whiz kid. They get you outdoors and off the couch. They can take amazing photos and videos and help you see our world in a new light. And they’re just plain cool.

Best of all, Parrot is currently offering $30 to $100 off all of their consumer drones until July 4, making it a particularly apt time to get into the drone game. Today I’m going to highlight a few of Parrot’s drones and minidrones so you can learn more about this burgeoning product category – and why Parrot should be one of your top picks!

Bebop 2

Parrot Bebop 2 – $349.99 USD
Lightweight yet totally functional, the Bebop 2 is the signature drone in Parrot’s collection. It offers up to 25 minutes of battery life per flight and can be easily controlled via a smartphone or tablet. Available in three colours, the Bebop 2 is an ideal hobby drone if you’re also into video and photography – it captures amazing quality pictures (including a straight 90 degree vertical angle) that you can then edit with ease. Plus it works in all conditions, so if you want to snap your buddy carving the ski hill or them waterskiing over the ocean this summer, you’ve got a drone for all seasons with the Bebop 2.

Parrot Airborne Night

Parrot Airborne Night Minidrone – $179.99
Take to the skies under the cover of night with this minidrone (one of several from Parrot) that’s designed to work day or night. This easy to control pint-sized drone features two headlights that can be adjusted for brightness, giving you the ability to play with your little robot well into the wee hours of the night. It takes just 25 minutes to charge up the battery and this minidrone still has photographic capabilities with a wide angle lens to take overhead photos. So cool!

Parrot AR Drone 2

Parrot AR.Drone 2 – $349.99
Many people see drones as like playing with a toy – but the AR.Drone 2 actually invites you to use it as a game. Yes, you can still fly it around and play with its two cameras like you would any other drone, with easy instant upload to YouTube and an online community of fellow drone heads. But it can also be synced up with AR.Flying Ace, which allows you to battle between two AR.Drones for a whole new level of interactivity. With tons of stunts and tricks to try out, you’ll love playing with the AR.Drone 2.

Parrot Jumping Racing Minidrone

Parrot Jumping Race Minidrone – $159.99
Parrot doesn’t just produce flying robots – they’ve also got some fun on the ground models like MAX, which you see above. Designed for high speed fun, these on the ground racers are no less enjoyable to control and do tricks with. With speeds of up to 14 km/h (which is actually crazy fast when you see it in action), these awesome minidrones can once again be easily controlled via your connected device – and are even better when paired with another one for some head to head racing action.

Parrot Minidrones

Now excitingly, I’m giving away not one, but TWO Parrot Minidrones this month – the MAX Jumping Minidrone and the Airborne Night Drone. Want to win one of them? Here’s how to enter:

1) First & foremost: you must be a subscriber to the Canadian Gift Guide to enter this giveaway. It’s as simple as finding ‘The Gift of Gab’ box in the righthand column and dropping in your email or clicking follow. Then, tell me in the comments below by June 30, 2016, which Parrot Drone or Minidrone are you most interested in?

2) Entries are limited to one per person / per email address / per household (or more if you score bonus entries). A random draw will be conducted on or around June 1, 2016 to select the winner, who will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen in their place.

3) Entries are limited to Canadians that have reached the age of majority in their province. Quebec is not eligible for this promotion.

4) Bonus Entry: Follow Parrot on Twitter, tag them and me (@cdngiftguide) in a Tweet about why you want a minidrone this flying season! Use the hashtag #flyingseason please and post a link to your Tweet below in a separate comment to earn yourself an extra entry into the draw.

5) Bonus Entry #2: Follow Parrot on Instagram and either Regram one of their photos and take a photo from their site and share it on your own feed, tagging them in it. Leave a link back to your photo in the comments below in a separate comment.

6) Bonus Entry #3: Like Parrot on Facebook and leave a wall post about which of their drones you’re most interested in taking for a test spin. Link back to your FB post in a separate comment below.

158 Responses to “Find of the Month: Parrot”
  1. Joan G. says:

    I’d like to get the Parrot AR Drone for my grandson – he’s competitive and I think he would like the challenge of competing with other Dronies. In the meantime the mini drones you are giving away would be a good starter to see if he really has an interest.

  2. katydidit21 says:

    The Parrot Bebop 2 would be the most interesting one for me. My son would love it for the photography.

  3. aketch says:

    The Parrot Bebop 2

  4. janicour says:

    I would choose Parrot Bebop 2 – $349.99 USD Versatile and takes great video and Photos.

  5. CL Chin says:

    I’d be interested in the A.R. Drone 2 because it seems more multifunctional and since you can use it as a game, that seems fun!

  6. Leah says:

    I’m most interested in the Parrot Bebop 2. Looks cool!

  7. The Parrot bebop 2 looks really good. I subscribe as well.

  8. Aimee says:

    The parrot bebop looks neat. My kids have been asking for a drone for awhile I am a subscriber.

  9. Heather Swanson says:

    My grandson would like the airbourne night drone

  10. I would love the Parrot Bebop 2

  11. Susanne Craig says:

    The Parrot Beebop 2

  12. Kevin Snyder says:

    The Parrot race jumping drone looks awesome.

  13. Rosanne Robinson says:

    All of the drones are super cool, but my favourite is the Parrot Bebop 2.

  14. Elizabeth Vlug says:

    I know a fella who would love the Parrot Bebop 2. (and I wouldn’t mind it either if he shares lol) And I am amazed at the long battery life they offer, most drones that I have looked at don’t. Thanks for this fab giveaway. And yes, I happily subscribe too.

  15. redlizzy1 says:

    Tweeted too :

  16. redlizzy1 says:

    FB comment:

  17. cosmicread says:

    I would love to have the Parrot Bebop 2, it would be great for my photography.

  18. Linda B. says:

    My two boys would love a Parrot drone. They had two (cheaper versions) and they have conked out already!

  19. Susan says:

    I like the Parrot Airborne Night Minidrone.

  20. tammy ta says:

    I am most interested in the Airborn drone. My two sons would love to try this.

  21. Janice Lewis says:

    Parrot Bebop 2 would be the coolest for the youtube videos we have been creating. It would get some really awesome aerial shots of our adventures.

  22. israel y says:

    i like the The Parrot Beebop 2

  23. Deena M. says:

    I’d love to win the Parrot Bebop 2 for my brother, he’s extremely passionate about photography!

  24. Giselle says:

    I’d love the Parrot Night mini drone. I think it would be so much fun!

  25. aclily19 says:

    I would love the Parrot Bebop 2, had to sell my DJI Phantom because airspace laws were too restrictive to use it for video work.

  26. Patricia Rosart says:

    I like the Airborne Night Drone it would be fun to play with.

  27. Audrey Skinner says:

    I would like the night mini drone.

  28. Solomon says:

    I don’t mind to have either one of them!

  29. Julia Herperger says:

    I’m already a subscriber. I’m most interested in the Parrot Airborne Night Minidrone. Thank you for the chance!

  30. Patricia Gooding says:

    I am interested in the Parrot Airborne Night Minidrone , like the idea of night flyting.

  31. Deanna Barkley says:

    I think the Parrot Bebop 2 would be a lot of fun. My son’s girlfriend has a drone and they have a lot of fun with it. It doesn’t have a camera, so having one with a camera would really add to the excitement. I know they would both enjoy a drone with a camera. My grandson would also enjoy having a drone of his own. He likes to use theirs when they come to visit.

  32. Kathleen says:

    I think the Parrot Airborne Night Minidrone is really cool. I like that you can still take pictures even though it’s dark outside

  33. christine conway says:

    I want to fly off my balcony with the Parrot Bebop 2 and watch the faces of the people at the bus stop down on the street. Hilarious!

  34. I’m most interested in the Parrot Bebop 2. Having a good camera and awesome battery life would be great.

    Of the two minidrones for the giveaway the Airborne Night Drone looks the most interesting.

  35. manqy says:

    I also tweeted:

  36. michelle halliday says:

    ANY of these would be awesome to have!

  37. bkick1 says:

    I think these drones are just the best gift to give to someone. So much fun to operate. Love all this new technology. Any one of these would be awesome to win.

  38. Lori W says:

    the hydrofoil drone looks cool

  39. Burcu says:

    Parrot Jumping Race Mini drone looks great

  40. DebP says:

    My son would love the Parrot Bebop 2. The Night Minidrone is also pretty cool.

  41. intensev5 says:

    I would really love the hydrofoil drone

  42. cookie3 says:

    The Parrot Bebop 2

  43. Alison K says:

    I’m a subscriber to the Canadian Gift Guide. I’m most interested in their BZZ Jumping Night Drone. Very cool!

  44. Dorlaine Simmons says:

    I would like any of them but from the choice I have I think I would really like to own the Parrot Airborne Night Minidrone

  45. AliKira says:

    The Jumping race drone would be great for my nephew!

  46. Alison K says:

    Bonus Twitter Entry: Followed Parrot on Twitter & tweeted

  47. Alison K says:

    Bonus Entry #2: Followed Parrot on Instagram and

  48. Lara says:

    I’d love to get the parrot bebop 2 for my husband!

  49. Lara says:

    Definitely would love to try out the parrot bebop 2 because of the video and camera capability

  50. KellyPC says:

    I like the Parrot Airborne Night Minidrone!

  51. Vicky D says:

    My grandkids would love the Parrot AR Drone 2!!

  52. I am most interested in the Parrot Bebop 2

  53. dawn walsh says:

    this one looks interestingParrot Airborne Night Minidrone – $179.99

  54. Nicole B says:

    I love the the Airborne Night Drone

  55. Jason Quarrie says:

    Definitely the Parrot Bebop 2!

  56. Victoria Ess says:

    I like the AR Drone 2.0 most!

  57. Caroline says:

    I’d love to win the Parrot Bebop 2 as I could take pics and videos to share with my mom so she would feel she is here .

  58. eric says:

    I like the

    Parrot Skycontroller

  59. Erin Lewis says:

    The Parrot Bebop 2 looks awesome! My husband would be so excited.

  60. SarahJ says:

    I like the Jumping Night Drone. That is pretty cool. I didn’t even know Drones could do that! I subscribed.

  61. Jeannette McMillan says:

    I would love the Parrot Bebop 2 for my son – he would get so much use out of it!

  62. Darren Scrubb says:

    I am most interested in the Parrot Bebop 2 Drone for sure.

  63. Heather S. says:

    I’m most interested in the Parrot AR.Drone 2 – $349.99

  64. pinksuzanne says:

    I am most interested in the Parrot Bebop 2. It looks amazing and so much fun.
    I subscribe

  65. Wayne Couzens says:

    I love the looks of the Parrot AR.2 Drone amazing

  66. Raymond Levasseur says:

    The Bebop 2 interests me the most with 25 min. flying time.

  67. Cairine says:

    I like the Parrot AR. Drone 2.

  68. Edith Rennes says:

    I like the Parrot Bebop 2 Drone

  69. Luminous Angel says:

    I had no idea they had something like the Airborne Night Drone – that would be incredible to play with!

  70. joyce s. says:

    Parrot Bebop 2 – $349.99 USD

  71. I love the Hydrofoil Drone!

  72. Nate says:

    I would choose Parrot Bebop 2

  73. thomas joseph rusinak says:

    the beebop parrot would look good on me!.

  74. Robyn Bellefleur says:

    I am most interested in the Parrot Bebop 2.

  75. Edmond Leung says:

    Goodness gracious great balls of fire , I followed on twitter, instagram & liked FB. I like the Parrot Bebop 2. Pick me, pick me! Your next winner!!! Show me the money!!! It would be a dream come true and means more to me than anyone else to win. Starving artist here desperately needs the drone to work and eat. Winner, winnner. Chicken dinner. A life changing experience. Top of my bucket list. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest.

  76. erin mcsweeney says:

    I LOVE THE Parrot Airborne Night Minidrone – $179.99

  77. Maryanne says:

    I would love the Parrot AR.Drone 2

  78. Jules A. says:

    The Parrot Bebop 2, because I’d like to be able to take pictures with my drone

  79. doreen lamoureux says:

    I subscribe by email. I love the Bebop 2
    dorcontest at gmail dot com

  80. Gina says:

    Bebop 2 would be my choice. I don’t know much about drones yet but think this would be awesome to play around with.

  81. Wanda Bergman says:

    I am a subscriber. The Bebop 2 Parrot Bebop 2 interests me the most.

  82. Kim K says:

    I’m a subscriber…the Parrot Bebop 2 is the drone I’m most interested in.

  83. dewmurphy72 says:

    The The Parrot Bebop 2 would be AMAZING I work in media and cannot think of a better way to get the best creative pics and shots thanks for such a great chance ; )

  84. marla says:

    the parrot bebop 2 looks super fun

  85. marla says:

    posted in the under the stars post

  86. marla says:

    posted in get it sorted

  87. binabug says:

    The cargo one, and I’m not sure if I’m subscribed? I follow from the thing on the side bar …sigh

  88. binabug says:

  89. Florence C says:

    I am a subscriber and I would choose Parrot Bebop 2. My grandson would love this.

  90. Florence C says:

    Link to my tweet

  91. Florence C says:

    FB comment link

  92. Leah E says:

    The parrot Bebop 2 looks awesome!!

  93. Pam says:

    I am a subscriber
    I would love the airborne night drone, it would be cool to try a drone at night.

  94. Anne Derkat says:

    My grandson would love the Parrot Jumping Race Minidrone.

  95. wai man says:

    the parrot Bebop 2. entry pls

  96. aly3360 says:

    I subscribe to your blog. I’m most interested in the Parrot Bebop Drone Skycontroller.

  97. LILLIAN BROWN says:

  98. LILLIAN BROWN says:

    I am most interested in the Parrot Airborne Night Drone

  99. edmontonjb says:

    I’m most interested in the Parrot Bebop 2


  100. Gee Jones says:

    the Parrot Bebob 2 is most interesting…takes good pics and durable in all seasons

  101. Gee Jones says:

    the Parrot Bebop 2 is most interesting

  102. Brenda Penton says:

    I am most interested in the AR.Drone 2

  103. diane says:

    Love the Parrot Bebop 2. Interested in the video and photography feature.

  104. tova says:

    I’d like the Parrot Bebop 2 because of the photography and video feature. Thanks.

  105. Tracy D says:

    I’m a subscriber! The Airborne Night Drone looks pretty cool. Flying in the dark!

  106. Charmaine says:

    Im a subscriber! Im most interested in the MAX Jumping Minidrone

  107. carrie l says:

    Parrot Airborne Night Minidrone $179.99

  108. Marla says:

    Posted under fashion frugal finds

  109. Erin W says:

    I think my daughter would really like that Parrot Jumping Race Minidrone

  110. Alyssa Regnier says:

    Parrot AR.Drone 2

  111. Karen petrychko says:

    The Parrot jumping mini drone is cool !

  112. Debbie Bashford says:

    the Parrot Bebop 2 for the photography aspects of it

  113. Vicki says:

    I like the Parrot Bebop 2, for the quality photography

  114. ginette4 says:

    I’m a subscriber and I’m interested in the Parrot Bebop 2, the photography is what I’m interested in

  115. Holly says:

    Airborne night drone looks cool!

  116. alexa says:

    always wanted to try a drone

  117. Shelley N says:

    I am a subscriber and I am most interested in the Parrot Bebop 2 since the photography and ability to control with a tablet would be great.

  118. Sunshine G says:

    The Parrot Bebop 2 is neat – I like the photography option.

  119. waterpolo13 says:

    Parrot Airborne Night Minidrone would be best for fun and work! Cheers!

  120. I’m a subscriber and I am most interested in the Parrot Bebop 2!

  121. I love how sleek and cool the Parrot AR Drone 2.0 looks

  122. Trevor Lackey says:

    MAX Jumping Minidrone – Probably best to keep the little ones away from anything with spinning blades.

  123. Trevor Lackey says:

    here the link to the tweet – Good Luck everyone

  124. BobbiJo Pentney says:

    I think the Parrot Bebop 2 would be absolutely amazing.

  125. Josh S says:

    I really like the Parrot Airborne Night Minidrone.

  126. KELLY E says:

    The Parrot Bebop 2 is the one I like

  127. lyn212 says:

    I would chose the Parrot Bebop 2. It has so man great features and is all seasons!

  128. I am most interested in the Airborne Night Drone.

  129. Anne B says:

    Parrot Skycontroller – these wold be s much fun!

  130. Kristi R. says:

    I like the Parrot Bebop 2!

  131. Carmen HUghes says:

    I am most interested in the Parrot Bebop 2!

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