An Open Discussion On…Buying Lingerie

Thanks for weighing in last week everyone, on my post related to sympathy and grief gift ideas. That was a delicate subject, to put it lightly, so this week I’m lightening things up a bit and talking about a classic Valentine’s Day gift: Lingerie!

Spoiler Alert: I do feature lingerie on this blog relatively often because I *do* think it’s a great gift…in the right setting…with a few caveats. Let’s dive in!

First things first: When is it appropriate to buy lingerie as a gift? That question is easier to answer by highlighting a few times when it’s most definitely not appropriate, including:

  • You’ve just started dating someone and don’t know their stance on getting all dolled up (this is all especially pertinent if you haven’t actually seen this person’s lingerie!)
  • You don’t know someone’s size (hint: check the tags of a discarded bra or undies in the laundry bin)
  • You’re not sure someone’s taste (are they a bra set kind of gal? Would they be offended by something overly skimpy?)
  • They could take a gift of lingerie as a sign you’re ‘bored’
  • The recipient will be opening the item in front of some folks who definitely don’t need to see their lingerie (like their parents)

Hopefully that clears that up. But lingerie definitely has its place. The right lingerie can help a woman feel sexier in her own skin, and may spice things up in the bedroom. Not only that, if it’s something she can wear beyond sexy fun times, it can make her feel great whenever she slips it on.

If you’re thinking of buying your lady some lingerie this Valentine’s Day (or anytime), here’s a quick checklist to set you on course for success:

  • What’s her size? Has she been fitted recently?
  • What’s her taste? Would she possibly take offense?
  • What will show off her best assets?
  • What’s the return policy of wherever you’re shopping?

And to further help you out, here’s a few ace lingerie shopping destinations that are truly Canadian:


La Vie En Rose – 180+ Stores Across Canada + Online
Canada’s largest solely Canadian lingerie brand I believe is La Vie En Rose – and for good reason. This feminine line always wins me over by appealing to everyone. Whether you’re into cuddly yet cute loungewear and PJs or va-va-voom lingerie or anything in between, they’ve got you (sort of) covered. This year’s Valentine’s Day collection is more diverse than ever, with plenty of cute panties, teddies, bras, nightgowns and more to treat yo’self first and foremost.


Blush – Online Only
For some luxe lingerie with feminine, flirty details, look no further than this online boutique. Channel your 50 Shades dreams with a pretty bra and panty set or some seriously sexy lingerie. My favourite feature has to be the fact they’ve organized their entire site by style, so if you fall for a particular colour you can choose what style of bra you want it in, and get the matching bottoms easily. Kudos for offering free returns (although no returns at all on sale items, as a warning) in case it doesn’t quite work for her.


Amanda May Lingerie – Online Boutique
Oftentimes buying lingerie is a way of showing some self-love, whether or not it’s actually seen by someone else. If you believe in treating yourself, then check out Amanda May – this luxe boutique carries high end brands like Agent Provocateur and Fleur of England. The price tag is definitely higher, but so is the level of detail.


Lace – 1 Boutique in Toronto + Online
If you really want to spice things up, Lace is the place to shop. This uber sexy lingerie shop carries racy corsets, rompers, and lingerie sets to give you all the confidence in the world (and extra points for their plus-size options!) – as well as some frilly underthings for every day wear. As Tim Gunn would say: It’s a lotta look, but hot damn will you look amazing!


Fortnight Lingerie – Stockists Across Canada
This classy yet slightly sassy brand isn’t just designed in Canada – it’s made right here in Toronto. Again, I love that they use their fabrics and colours across a range of styles so you can nab what you love the most in the style that’s right for you. Also, huge thumbs up for carrying such a wide range of sizes – ladies beyond a D-cup can find themselves serviced here with most items.


Christine Lingerie – Vancouver Boutique + Stockists Around the Globe
You must be doing something right when you’ve got the likes of Gwenyth and and Oprah singing your praise. Christine’s claim to fame goes beyond the celeb love; the brand is the first silk lingerie line designed and manufactured here. The styles are definitely more sweet than spicy (and pricier), but there’s something about sumptuous silk on the skin that’ll keep you (and your partner) coming back for more.


Sokoloff Lingerie – Stockists Across Canada
And here we are with yet another Canadian indie lingerie brand! Sokoloff has a slightly retro, way romantic vibe to all of their lingerie, with new collections released regularly (the images above are from their Valentine’s Day line). The site is a snap to shop too – every bra’s matching undies are positioned right below on the site, making it easy to get a classy, timelessly elegant lingerie set.

Happy lingerie shopping this Valentine’s Day everyone! XOXO

BONUS ENTRY into my Hen + Bear Jewelry giveaway. Tell me in the comments below – which of these lingerie lines strikes your fancy? What do you think about lingerie as a gift?


11 Responses to “An Open Discussion On…Buying Lingerie”
  1. DebP says:

    The Amanda May line has styles that suit my body type. I’m a Mae West/hourglass figure body type, and the styles that are modeled by tall skinny models look ludicrous on me.

  2. Kim K says:

    The Blush line and La Vie en Rose suit me.

  3. La Vie en Rose gift cards would be perfect; for me anyway.

  4. Dawn gordon says:

    I am a subscriber and would choose the Christine lingerie ..I like the picture of the kimono piece type..

    Another entry into the hen + bear

  5. cookie3 says:

    I love the gowns of the Christine Lingerie they are gorgeous.

  6. Alison K says:

    BONUS Hen + Bear Jewelry ENTRY: of these lingerie lines, Fortnight Lingerie strikes my fancy. Not sure about lingerie as a gift though.

  7. Denae Boucher says:

    I think the sokoloff is what catches my eye. I’m not really a retro person but they’re very stunning. I enjoy it when my boyfriend gifts me lingerie. I also don’t mind giving gift cards to lingerie stores to friends.

  8. Victoria Ess says:

    I’d shop at Amanda May because they carry my size!

  9. Maryanne says:

    Sokoloff has some styles I would like. Haven’t bought any in long while.

  10. Shelley Nelson says:

    I like the look of the Fortnight Lingerie from Stockist across Canada -nice looking and more conservative. I do not like lingerie as a gift since it is difficult to choose the right size and something in the person’s taste. A robe, night gown or PJs work since it is easier to get the right choice.

  11. Diane p says:

    I really like the Fortnight Lingerie and I think lingerie is a good gift for some people.

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