What It Is: I’m in a very sweet mood (as in, craving sweets) as I write this, so forgive me for picking an item that is oh-so-geared toward dessert! The Magisso Cake Server is the kitchen gadget you never knew how badly you needed. While it was originally designed to make cutting and serving cake a no-fuss, no-muss operation, it can also be used for pies, quiches, tarts, and pretty much anything with some height to it that you want to cut into slices. Magnificent? Nay, it’s Magisso!

Who It’s For: The hostess. The happy couple. The new homeowner.

What It Costs: Best price I found was $36.99

Where It’s At: That best price was at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

BONUS entry into this month’s senz (an equally artfully designed product) giveaway – shoot me a note below, what do you think of this? Want one for yourself?

36 Responses to “Cakewalk”
  1. Elizabeth Vlug says:

    I’m not sure about this one. Looks good, but I could see me squishing the cake/pie and making a mess. Have you actually tried this? I love the design though, would love to see a demo.

  2. Jules says:

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    • Hi Julie,

      The unsubscribe mechanism of my blog is managed by WordPress – meaning I can’t actually unsubscribe you on my end. In terms of CASL, I’m not actually a for-profit business or blog (I receive no compensation for writing this blog) so the legislation isn’t exactly applicable to me. While I’m sorry to see you go, you will have to unsubscribe on your own. My apologies for any inconvenience!

      – Brittany

  3. intensev5 says:

    I would love this! Great Product!

  4. Aimee says:

    Good wedding shower present. I would buy one for myself. I am a subscriber

  5. Kim K says:

    Great product, I would use it!

  6. Heather Swanson says:

    I could use this handy gadget since today is my birthday!!

  7. aketch says:

    I am hosting a bridal shower in a couple of weeks. I am going out to look at this!

  8. Lindsey says:

    I think this would make a lovely hostess gift.

  9. Joan G. says:

    Neat gadget but too expensive for me.

  10. Love it but I’m supposed to not buy more gadgets

  11. Sherry K says:

    I love how good it looks, but not sure that I would use it.

  12. Susan says:

    I love the idea and design, but am not too keen on the price.

  13. Giselle says:

    I think this is an awesome idea! It’s pricey for me.

  14. misselles80 says:

    Ahhhhh, I am SO getting one of these! Love this idea!

  15. Linda Richter says:

    Spring cleaning has meant editing and donating unused utensils and gadgets. I think the cake server would have ended up in that pile!

  16. Carol Oddy says:

    I really like this idea, every time I cut cake the first piece is always a big mess, would really love to avoid this problem!!

  17. Kay Burke says:

    it would be great for my daughter – the baker – great gift.

  18. Joyce Curtis-Bonardi says:

    Would make a great gift

  19. love it…somewhat pricey

  20. cookie3 says:

    it mi9ght make a good gift but it’s not for me. I have enough gadgets already.

  21. Judy says:

    I don’t need it, I don’t need any ore gadgets , as a gift ..yes, if someone asked for it.

  22. Alison K says:

    BONUS senz ENTRY: I think this would work wonders to present the dessert in an upright position but I’d rather give this to someone than myself as I don’t host many gatherings nor am fused with the way I present my dessert.

  23. beewbedard says:

    I love this and want one of my own

  24. Tom D. says:

    Stylish item. Would love to receive as gift.

  25. Alyssa says:

    Cool product. I’m curious to see how well it works

  26. janicour says:

    I would have to try this or see it before purchasing. the idea is really good though.

  27. Mary Danieli says:

    This is really a unique design – never seen anything like it. Would love to try it.

  28. Anne Derkat says:

    Should have hd this years ago when my kids were home and I baked a lot.

  29. Jared says:

    Looks gimmicky but maybe it’s a good idea

  30. Denae Boucher says:

    I don’t think I would want one as it doesn’t look like it makes straight edges.

  31. katydidit21 says:

    I’m not sure I would want one of these. I would prefer to use a knife.

  32. baylou says:

    I’d like to try one out before purchasing. If it works well ld get one.

  33. Kelly H says:

    Would probably be a good gift idea for someone who bakes more than i do.

  34. Victoria Ess says:

    This would be a great idea if it works well!

  35. diane says:

    I like this product and I could definitely use this.

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