Canucks Abroad: Showstopping Luggage to Show Your Canadian Pride

Sears Canada Day Luggage

What It Is: There’s currency to being a Canadian in foreign countries. Some people stitch a Canadian patch on their bag, others don a pin or add a luggage tag. If you really want to go all out though, why not just get crazy Canadian-printed bags? These hardshell suitcases come bedecked with a truly Canuck-friendly print of all the things we love (or at least are known for) best. From Inukshuks to hockey to maple leafs, it’s a perfect gift for the Canadian that’s about to spread their wings this summer.

Who It’s For: Your graduating niece or nephew. Your world traveling kid. Your retiree parents who are ready to see our great country from coast to coast.

What It Costs: $99.99 – $129.99

Where It’s At:

Score an extra entry into last week’s Father’s Day R&R giveaway! Tell me in the comments below – how do you share that you’re Canadian when you’re abroad? Would you rock these cool bags?

37 Responses to “Canucks Abroad: Showstopping Luggage to Show Your Canadian Pride”
  1. Sherry Kinnear says:

    Yes, I do like the bags. I am a backpack person, so would love the pattern on backpack. I usually just tell everyone that I am Canadian.

  2. Donnas says:

    I’ve never been abroad, but I would definitely wear a pin or sew on a patch, unless I had these pieces of luggage.

  3. katydidit21 says:

    When I was younger, I had a flag sewn on my backpack and on a jacket. It served me well during my travels. Now I have a flag pin that I put on my lapel or on my crossbody purse strap.

  4. Florence Cochrane says:

    I would rock that suitcase aboard. I I have Canadian tag that I put on my suitcase when travelling.

  5. aketch says:

    Those are certainly lively. I am pretty discreet when travelling.

  6. We had Canada flag emblems sewn on our backpacks. Love the suitcases!

  7. Aimee says:

    These are great bags , I’d like them. We will travel with roots stuff that say Canada on them.

  8. Heather Swanson says:

    I think these bags are cool when I was in Jamaica people said I have a Canadian accent.

  9. Joan G. says:

    I am a proud Canadian but I’m cautious wearing anything that makes me looks like a tourist. I don’t mind being in the United States and some Caribbean countries wearing my country colours but there are places I don’t want to wear anything that might make me a target.

  10. Joyce Curtis-Bonardi says:

    I have a Canadian flag pin on my backpack.

  11. Lisa Dervin says:

    I show I’m a Canadian with my roots luggage and by my Canadian gal on my backpack when I travel. 🇨🇦

  12. Linda Richter says:

    I often wear a maple leaf brooch, but I would hesitate to flaunt anything that might make me a target. I am proud that our good behaviour and pleasant manner mark us as Canadians when travelling.

  13. mcmc says:

    Never been abroad but this luggage would be a showstopper wherever I went

  14. William Stewart says:

    I’ll bring that I’m Canadian if I’m in a pub and having a conversation with people. This luggage is very cool! I would rock.

  15. baylou says:

    I don’t go out of my way normally to brand myself Cdn, just if it comes up in conversation. I prefer something less showy in luggage.

  16. cookie3 says:

    These are pretty busy. A little much for my taste. If it comes up in conversation I will let people know that I’m Canadian.

  17. Mary Danieli says:

    These are a bit eclectic and I would rock them – chances are you’d see few others – so picking out your luggage would be easy! I used to keep extra Canadian flag pins with me but I no longer do that when I’m travelling.

  18. Tom D. says:

    Love this luggage. Don’t have to put my Canada flag tag anymore to distinguish my luggage. I tell everyone I meet on my overseas trip that I’m from Canada.

  19. Lindsey says:

    These bags are really nice! I generally don’t do anything to show I’m Canadian when im abroad.

  20. Susan says:

    I LOVE these bags and would definitely use them. I usually have a Canada pin attached to my cross-body bag when I travel.

  21. Filipa Santos says:

    When I travel abroad I ALWAYS bring my red “Canada” knapsack (by Roots) and I carry it with me wherever I go because I am very proud to be Canadian and want everyone to know it!
    …and yes, I would definitely rock these cool bags!! :o)

  22. I would love these cases, canadian plus easy to find

  23. Athena says:

    We have Blue Jay hats that are red with just the Maple Leaf!

  24. jared says:

    easy to find on the carousel… love the motif

  25. tess rosario says:

    Love these! would use these all the time! when i travel overseas i usually have a canada flag patch on my backpack and have a vancouver canucks shirt packed

  26. Victoria Ess says:

    I totally would rock these! The prints are so fun!

  27. intensev5 says:

    We are always proud to say we are from Canada when we are travelling abroad. Our luggage also has a Canadian flag on it.

  28. Judy says:

    love the bags. When travelling, we usually give out canadian pins to people we meet.

  29. Alison K says:

    BONUS R&R Dad Style ENTRY : Most people can tell from my accent that I’m Canadian and I would totally rock these cool bags!

  30. Jason Quarrie says:

    I’ve often heard that one Canadian flag on your gear marks you as Canadian…more than one marks you as American trying to pass as Canadian! We still have a reputation for more agreeableness and less nation-centricism – greater humility and respect in general – than our southern neighbours, although that gap has closed in recent decades!

  31. krisha4444 says:

    I would totally rock these cool bags! I usually wear a shirt or hat 🙂

  32. tjbugnet says:

    I would definitely rock these bags – very cute! However, when traveling abroad I usually try to make sure I have a Canadian flag sticker or tag on my bags to let people know where I am from.

  33. Alyssa says:

    I love the luggage designs!! I i have a few canadian shirts I wear sometimes when traveling.

  34. bkick1 says:

    These bags are just the best advertisement that you are a proud Canadian.

  35. janicour says:

    I love the luggage, and I just may buy them We were in the south of France last year on a rented boat. We strung little Canadian flags all around it. I also wear my Canada t-shirt often. We had tons of compliments about Canada where ever we went.

  36. Anne Derkat says:

    I love the bags and would definitely use them if I had one. I often wear a maple leaf pin when we travel.

  37. AliKira says:

    These bags would be a neat way of celebrating Canadian-ness while traveling. When I travel I generally bring Canadian treats like chocolate etc.

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