5 Gifts From…Simons

Years ago when I visited Quebec for the first time on my own (well, technically part of a school trip) I quickly became enchanted with a store I’d never of: Simons. If you’ve never been, it’s well worth a trip. This formerly Quebec-only retailer is the department store of your dreams, carrying a range of clothing and housewares at all price points, for all ages, including a trendy set of house brands alongside some brands you already love.

With more stores in Canada than ever before, plus free shipping on minimum orders and free returns, they are easily one of my favourite online shopping destinations in Canada. Today, I’m highlighting five gift ideas from Simons!


Eau Contemporaine Perfumes – $50 each
While Simons is well-known for their clothing and accessories, perfume is a new foray for them. This classy set of minimalist fragrances is inspired by three different fabrics – Linen, Cotton, and Silk – and is actually made here in Canada. I’d describe them as akin to Clean perfumes – if you’re a fan of those, you’ll probably like the light, effortless, springy scents of these affordable, ready-for-gifting perfumes.

Simons Yellow Gerbera Reverse Umbrella

Yellow Gerbera Hands-Free Reverse Umbrella – $35
A girl can never have too many umbrellas in my books – one for the car, the office, the home, etc. This intelligent design actually flips the umbrella on its head, with a drip-free mechanism that opens in reverse. The handle can also slide onto your wrist for hands-free access to your phone (perfect for calling up an Uber in a downpour).

Simons Metallic Pixel Bow Tie

Metallic Pixel Bow Tie – $39
My husband rocks a bow tie almost daily, and a number of his are from Simons, which carries every style under the sun in terms of size, shape, fabrication, and print. My eyes were drawn to this silk weave bow tie, in part because of its snazzy shape, but also that slightly shimmery fabric. Not into the Pee Wee Herman red? It also comes in classy black.

Simons Forest Accessories

Nordic Forest Kitchen Accessories – From $2.99
Many people that I’ve sent to Simons are surprised at their collection of cool, Scandinavian-inspired housewares. Not only are the prints super trendy, everything is crazy affordable (especially now with their semi-annual sale going on). If you’re heading to a housewarming, you can easily pick up a complete set of an apron, potholder, and oven mitt for under $15!

Twik Draped Sueded Coat

Twik Faux Suede Draped Coat – $59.95
The main attraction at Simons though, has to be the clothing. This is a post with 5 gift ideas in it – Simons has thousands of items to choose from in every department, often with crazy good prices. This chic little jacket is a perfect transition piece from chilly summer nights to early fall.

Speaking of awesome retailers, did you see my Find of the Month on Drake General Store? If you want to earn an extra entry into that giveaway, leave a link to your favourite product on Simons in a comment below! Happy browsing 🙂

33 Responses to “5 Gifts From…Simons”
  1. Elizabeth Vlug says:

    I love this top. Pretty and feminine. And I love the dusty rose colour too.

  2. dammitwear says:

    All so super cute.

  3. baylou says:

    I wish there was a Simons location near me. I like their lingerie and loungewear department. This DKNY sleep shirt https://www.simons.ca/en/women-underwear/sleepwear-leisurewear-slippers/nighties-sleep-tees/offset-stripe-nightshirt–8191-2319?catId=6569&colourId=44

  4. Mary Warner says:

    I agree, you can neverr have too many umbrellas here on the wet coast.

  5. Susan says:

    I hadn’t heard of this store before, however, hope to find it in Mississauga when I am there next. One of my favourite items is the Starry lattice rug. It would look great in my dining room! https://www.simons.ca/en/decor/carpets/area-rugs/starry-lattice-rug-5-2-x-7-2-and-7-9-x-9-8–12754-1162771?catId=8419&colourId=15

  6. Kayla says:

    I actually JUST bought this. Love.. and great price too.


  7. Wanda B says:

    For an extra entry ….. My favourite item is this Crochet-Trim Linen Dress: https://www.simons.ca/en/women-clothing/dresses/knee/crochet-trim-linen-dress–8950-101081?catId=6680&colourId=40

  8. Joyce Curtis-Bonardi says:

    Love the Eau Contemporaine Perfumes!

  9. Carol Oddy says:

    My favorite is the suede coat, very nice.

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