We Will, We Will Stock You: Super Stocking Stuffers for 2018

And for one more fun post to cap off the holiday season, here’s a quick glimpse at some great stocking stuffers – all of which fit my top three qualities of a fantastic stocking stuffer:

  • Will actually fit in a stocking
  • Will actually be used and not just tchotkes to gaze at
  • Costs under $25 a pop (and really, only 1-3 items in your stockings should be over the $15 mark)

After Dinner Amusements

After Dinner Amusements – $12.95 @ Amazon.ca
If they want more family time, this little gift will give it to them. Featuring 50 conversation starters, you can pull one out every week – and refresh things a year later by shuffling them up and starting all over.


Sipski Shower Wine Glass Holder – $22 @ Urban Outfitters
I mean. Do you need this in your life? (Yes.) What makes this a uniquely qualified stocking stuffer is the fact you could never justify buying it for yourself, but damn wouldn’t you be happy if Santa dropped it in your stocking, amirite?

Midnight Skincare Surprise

SEPHORA COLLECTION Midnight Skincare Surprise – $13 @ Sephora
This little cracker is fully loaded with not one, but four awesome goodies to pamper her on Christmas morning. lather up with the included eye mask, nose mask, face mask, and hand balm to get all prepped and primed for NYE.

Genuis Music Cards

Genius Music Playing Cards – $13 @ Amazon.ca
This lovely little giftable is perfect for the poker player / music lover in your life. Each card is decked out with a charming illustration of a famous musician – try gifting it to the kids and introducing them to a whole world of artists in a creative way.

Metallic USB Cable

Metallic USB Cable – $6.90 @ Ardene
You can never go wrong with an extra lightning cable or two – particularly for the youths to tuck into their cars / gym bags / purses / backpacks, etc. This sparkly option has a glittery kick to it and is priced perfectly for stockings.

Benefit Minis

Benefit Minis – From $16
I spotted these while shopping and was instantly hooked. The mini size means your lady can have a travel-ready luxe beauty product at an affordable price point. What’s not to love about that?

Great Job

Great Job Sticky Notes – $7 @ La Quaintrelle
I love supporting small businesses and La Quaintrelle, out of Cape Breton, is a longtime love of mine. They happen to have a great gift section, which includes gems like these cheeky sticky notes.

Vanilla Candy Cane Soap

Vanilla Candy Cane Soap – $5.95 @ Rocky Mountain Soap Co.
I have put this actual soap in my husband’s stocking before and it’s a hit in our household. Sweet and minty, it’s just the right amount of festive.


SHLs Collapsible Stainless Steel Straw – $17.99 @ Amazon
The latest eco-minded movement is to ban plastic straws. Enter stainless steel, reusable straws, like this little beauty that packs up nicely in its own case. Great for literally anyone in your household.

Ring Light

Ultra Bright Selfie Light – $22.50 @ Indigo
Behold the power of the ring light. If you’ve never had your photo taken with one of these, you’ll be hooked in a flash (puns!) when you add this to your phone.

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