A Pressing Matter

Dani Press

A perfect card for every occasion, wrapped in a hipster-friendly package. Meet Dani Press, your new favourite card brand.


Wrap Star


CONTEST ALERT! Learn about five innovative gift wrapping collections – plus, discover the ultimate gift wrapping solution that allows you to throw away your tape and scissors and have a perfectly wrapped gift each and every time!

What’s Old Is Nu Again

Nuvango Greeting Cards

CONTEST ALERT! Nuvango represents a new era for the brand formerly known as Gelaskins. A vibrant art community that brings the talents of thousands into your home, I’m psyched to be giving away a $150 gift code to one lucky reader.

Holiday Head Start

Rifle Paper Co Greeting Cards

CONTEST ALERT! My holiday posts are in full swing – but I imagine most of my readers are just getting started in thinking about the holidays. To help you along, I’ve gathered a list of 6 awesome greeting card and gift wrap ideas. Plus I’m giving away a collection of Rifle Paper Co. greeting cards!

Find of the Month: Tickled Pink Paper & Ink

Tickled Pink Birthday Collection

CONTEST ALERT! Bring a little light, life and love into your life with Tickled Pink Paper & Ink, an adorable, whimsical lineup of stationery, greeting cards and more! Plus you could win a $125 custom design credit and some gorgeous cards of your own.

Made to Order

muffymade greeting cards

CONTEST ALERT! Meet muffymade; a Canadian greeting card, gift wrap and giftware brand with a distinct, adorable look. Plus you could win a $100+ prize package!

Cards and the City

Sarah Jessica Parker Hallmark

If you’re looking for a new source of inspiration when it comes to greetings & wrap, Hallmark and Sarah Jessica Parker have teamed up to share an awesome collection of paper products.

Merry Mixtmas

MIXT Studios Christmas Onesies

CONTEST ALERT! I’m really psyched to be introducing California brand MIXT Studio to you all today – their line of paper and printed goods is truly whimsical, affordable, and perfect for the holidays. Plus, you could win 1 of 3 $50 gift codes to treat yourself!

Flash Post: You Shouldn’t Have

Lazy Bows 3D Wrapping Paper

Not skilled in the fine art of gift wrapping? Today’s gift packs a quirky yet decorative punch that may just save the day for you.

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

Worlds Tiniest Package

It’s time for another instalment of ‘My Favourite Things’ series! Today I’m tackling the slightly more challenging theme of the post & parcels…did I succeed? You tell me!

10 for $10: Sweethearts Edition

10 for 10 Feb 2013

It’s that time again – with a twist of course. Today I’m picking out my top 10 gift ideas under $10 – all with a Valentine’s Day theme!

Cookie Monster

The Cookie Dough Lovers Cookbook

CONTEST ALERT! It’s November, which also means it’s time for some yummy holiday treats to start making an appearance. Get the party started by gifting your favourite baker with a cookie-themed gift idea + find out how you can win a copy of the Cookie Dough Lovers Cookbook!