Get Carded With Kate & Birdie

As much as I love giving gifts, sometimes an event calls for something else – a gift card, cash, or simply a congratulations or thank you. There are so many beautiful cards out there these days – those printed on metallic paper, with ‘handmade’ embellishments, or heartfelt verses.

Sometimes though, simplicity is the key to chicness. Winnipeg-based Kate & Birdie Paper Company has the perfect blend of sophistication and style in all of their cards, which typically feature a crisp white background behind a precious, European-inspired design. These are the kinds of cards that someone can’t help lingering over, feeling that they’re somehow a little more special and unique.

I’m personally a fan of cards that let you do the talking – the imagery and simple messages on the front are enough to get the general idea across of why you’re giving someone a card (and chances are they know anyway). The insides of all Kate & Birdie cards are blank, giving you the perfect chance to grab a favourite quote, write a sincere message, or have the whole family send their good wishes someone’s way.

If you’re hosting a shindig of some sort, they also offer imprintables which allow you to print your own message at home while still getting the look and feel of high-end custom cards – perfect for showers, birthdays, and bachelorettes.

I’m confident you’ll be able to find Kate & Birdie products in your hometown. The store directory on their website has the cards in nearly every province and territory, in way more than just the small town. And even if you can’t track the stuff down in person, they also have a number of online retailers for you to visit and drool over.

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