Mind Your Maids

I am a bridesmaid for the third time this forthcoming weekend – which is quite a few times to be a bridesmaid and be as young as I am. My friends are just the marrying type I guess, as all of them got married before or during their 25th birth year.

After shelling out nameless amounts of cash on grooming, gowns, and gifts, the bride herself traditionally gives back a little token of her appreciation to each bridesmaid. The first wedding I was in, we each received a monogrammed silver jewellery box. Last year it was beautiful silver jewellery that matched our dresses. This year, it’s a hoity toity pedicure party, as the bride herself loves her nails (luckily I have a gift cert to the same spa that I’ll be cashing in a day early to get my fingers done as well).

With wedding season officially in full swing, I’m sure there are many brides out there fretting about what to get their significant other others – their wedding parties. I’m going to actually take a page from my cousin’s book, who gave us bridesmaids a necklace each, and talk about Canadian jewellery designer Hilary Druxman.

Her pieces are a nice way to reinvent the traditional ‘give the bridesmaid a jewel’ gift. I’ve loved all my bridesmaid gifts, but many people are still pretty keen on doing jewellery (especially so their bridesmaids will match!), so it’s worth singling out. They have online shopping – with over 385 pieces to choose from! – plus a presence in most provinces across the country, including actual boutiques in Winnipeg.

If you have something specific in mind, or if something currently isn’t in stock, Hilary Druxman’s talented team can have your pieces ready made in just one short week. They have a suggested bridesmaid-specific line that typically retails for under $100 a piece, or you can shop a la carte from what they have in stock.

The thing that I love about Hilary’s jewellery is how it’s very modern looking, delicate (so as not to overwhelm a dress, or the bride), and adaptable beyond a wedding day. Your bridesmaids will feel very special to receive one of the brand’s signature lime green totes, and will definitely wear the piece over and over again for years to come.

The challenge with jewellery typically is finding something to suit everyone’s taste. A sincere heart pendant to one girl might be the equivalent of stringing up a noose to another one. I recommend something simple and stylish with a nod to your bridesmaid dresses – a subtle pearl or rock in the same shade for example.

You can also hook your maids up with earrings and bracelets as well for something a bit less traditional – great if you prefer the bare neck look or have your bridesmaids buttoned up in high neck dresses or cloaks for chillier months.

I’ll also mention these would make fabulous gifts for mom & mom-to-be, and of course, jewelery is a great way to mark occasions from anniversaries to birthdays. Be sure to visit the website to get the full blown effect of the store, with over 385 pieces to choose from! Altogether a great, chic, modern way to treat your brides that I’d happily recommend (and plan to use for my own wedding one of these years).

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