It’s A Lush Life for Dad

Ah Lush. Yes they’re British, but there is something so unassumingly wholesome – regardless of how cleverly constructed that image is – that just makes me want to believe they are Canadian. At the very least, they have their own Canadian website (currently featuring a big activist post on the Canadian tar sands), stores in 7 of the 10 provinces and territories, and extensive, easy peasy online shopping.

If you aren’t familiar, Lush is a very socially conscious brand that dedicates itself to basically all the things you want from a company, particular one that produces things you use on your body: eco-friendliness, socially aware, sustainable, and non-mechanized production processes.

My mama has always been a Lush advocate, and when my dad used to travel for business a lot, he’d often bring back a treat or two or five for her from Toronto, where they’re most plentiful. The Lush love spread throughout my family and eventually we all started finding Lush goodies in our Christmas stockings, well after they opened a store in my city.

This includes, by the way, my dad. Not that I’m knocking him, but my family jokes he’s a bit of a girly man, in a very unmetrosexual way. He loves things that smell fruity and sweet, and has been known to don flamboyantly brightly striped ties. He absolutely adores shopping at Brooks Brothers and listens to every type of music under the sun, including girly man faves like Lady Gaga.

Whether your dad is initiated into the ways of Lush or not, I’m going to point you to their website for a special online Father’s Day mini-shop they’ve set up. It’s a collection of their most manly and invigorating products, although I wouldn’t be surprised if your dad enjoys a hunk of bubblegum pink Rock Star soap as much as mine does.

One particular gift I’ll highlight so you aren’t overwhelmed by the scent-sation of Lush (particularly if you visit their heavenly powerful-scented shops) is the ‘Shave The Planet‘ shaving kit. You get a shaving cream, facial moisturizer, soap bar, and a massage bar for a relative bargain price of $30. When you compare this to drugstore brands, you’d probably be spending about $18 for totally unremarkable products, but wrapped up in a pretty Lush gift package and you’ve suddenly got an unexpected but totally nice, practical gift.

I’m an advocate of the practical gift, as I’ve said. Sometimes it involves buying a treat for someone that is what I call ‘a practical luxury’. Men certainly need to shave, and they’d be unlikely to venture into Lush on their own to pick up this particular gift set. If dad is being aloof, why not give him something you *know* he’ll use, and will probably love enough to buy on his own down the road?

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