Nailing Gift Giving

I’m not really a fan of giving someone just one gift, even if it’s *really* special. Don’t ask me why, but I’ve always been a fan of the theme gift, the gift basket, the package of goodies.

Whether you’re on a limited budget or an expansive one, there are ways to make multi-item gifts easy as pie. Some of that comes down to shopping in advance and snapping up little things when you spot them – an especially handy tip for stocking stuffers – no matter how far in advance you’re shopping.

One of those little items that I recommend snapping up is the new line of Joe Fresh nail polishes. Joe, of course, is the little brand that transformed the uber-depressing fashion section of Superstore into a freaking mecca for cheap chic. In the last couple of years the brand has expanded to a full line of cute and colourful bath products, jewellery, make-up, and now they’re bringing the goods to your nails.

The cutesy little bottles are a great smaller size to help you avoid the dreaded clumping that comes with a nail polish that has been kicking around for too long. That being said, you’re still getting your money’s worth. The bottles retail for $4 a piece or 3 for $10 – perfect to throw into your on-a-budget / Secret Santa gifts for friends, cousins, and other people you might not have a ton of cash to spend on.

Some options: grab a mini tulle gift bag (like what people give you little candies in at weddings), throw three nail polishes in, and maybe get a fun nail file or other tool. Or, split the three polishes amongst a number of friends and top each gift up with a $10 gift card to their favourite coffee joint. Hold a manicure party with your wedding party and get one another to do your nails in the colours of your choice.  Guys, this is an easy stocking stuffer to grab for the ladies in your life if you’re on grocery duty one week (any week!). Unless you know the person you’re shopping for really doesn’t wear nail polish ever (see: nurses and other occupations where it’s forbidden), nail polish happens to be a pretty damn safe bet.

I myself picked up three nail polishes, and I will warn that the colours stray a fair bit from the ‘norm’. My ‘Coral’ shade is more of a day-glo neon pink, and I’m eager to see what the dusky lavender ‘Fig’ and vibrant metallic ‘Grape’ will turn out like.

Right now the collection includes 26 shades plus a top coat, in three vague collections including ‘Spring’ (Hard Candy-esque pastels and shimmery metallics), ‘Pinks & Reds’ (your safest bet, although my fluorescent Coral came from here), and ‘Neutrals’ (gold, silver, white, and a few muted pinky-tones). The colours represent a departure in many cases from the norm, and a welcome update to your classic reds and pinks in others. Now I’ll just have to resist the temptation to stop by the Joe Beauty kiosk everytime I’m in the store…wish me luck!

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