Sample Sized Luxury

Yesterday’s post focused on cheap chic beauty bonuses for your dearest and perhaps not so nearest. Today I’m honing in on the perfect present for that hardcore beauty junkie in your life – Sephora’s ‘Favourites’ collections.

These beauty boxes first launched a year or so ago, and the company is constantly changing up what’s on offer. Currently they have two ‘Favourites’ sampler collections available – one focused on lashes, and one focused on bronzers.

I personally purchased the mascara “Lash Stash’ set last year and was not disappointed. The collection comes with ten sample sizes of Sephora’s favourite mascaras for you to test out on your lashes. The great thing about this is you’ve got the chance to try out products that are normally $15-$40 to see if they actual work as you expect. Amazingly, the mascara I immediately gravitated towards actually did nothing for my eyes, and I discovered a few new brands that I do plan to purchase from in the future as a result. One quick tip to the lucky friend you bestow this gift on – consider using only one or two mascaras at a time. You’re supposed to toss your mascara every three to four months anyway (or so the propaganda goes) so why not extend the life of your box set by keeping the others in your collection safe and sealed?

The other newer set out there is the ‘Best in Bronze’ collection. Again, you get ten sample-sized products, and in some ways I can see the bronzer collection being even more valuable than the mascara one. As someone who is fully and (mostly) proudly on ‘Team Pale’, I have tried dozens of different bronzing products and have yet to find one I truly love. As I type this, I can think of five different bronzers sitting in my make-up cabinet, only one of which I use regularly (the others are too matte, too dark, too sparkly, and something I got as part of a bigger collection respectively). This collection includes powder, gel, lotions, and other incarnations of the bronzed look to allow you to test what makes you look like a goddess versus a potato at a fraction of the cost it would take to buy each individual product.

I’ll make a point of noting that this is a very *indulgent* gift, hence why I recommend it for your most beauty-obsessed friends only. As someone with sparse lashes and pale skin, I’d love to receive either one of these gift sets. If the special lady in your life that you’re buying for isn’t so hung up on playing with products, then you should probably skip this. It’s a bit on the pricy side – they retail for $40 USD, and cost a bit more in Canada – but would make a sweet gift for the gal that loves to put on a face for the world every day. Birthdays and Christmases are ideal, if you have the cash to spare.

If you aren’t lucky enough to have a Sephora in your area, the site does ship to Canada for pretty reasonable prices. Plus when you shop online they throw in a few samplers for you to treat yourself – and even nicer ones if you’re a member of their ‘Beauty Insider’ club.

Unlike yesterday’s nail polishes, I wouldn’t recommend splitting up the sets. They come in pretty, customized boxes that are diecut to fit around each item. Handing someone a sample sized mascara doesn’t have quite the same wow factor as a pretty pastel nail polish, sorry!

Two final pros: number one, even with a long-running pack like the LashStash collection, Sephora *still* updates the set. Several of the mascaras in the current box set weren’t in the one I got a year ago. Number two, I gotta give props to a gift that can inspire future gift giving – if your pal falls for Benefit’s Bad Gal mascara but isn’t quite ready to treat herself, you can be the gracious beauty angel that snaps it up for your next gift-giving occasion.

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