Find Of The Month: PC Ice Cream Shop

I don’t know what it is about summer, but it feels like people come out of hibernation a bit, making the number of weekly social occasions for most people go from occasional to plentiful. Chalk it up to students breezing through homework-free months, workers taking holiday time, and family gatherings for BBQs and bonfires.
With all these events, you might be worried your wallet will take a hit after bringing endless bottles of wine. The next time you’re invited out – whether for a girls night, clambake, or birthday party – why not surprise everyone with an unexpected but delightful (and CHEAP) gift?

I’m talking about President’s Choice new line of Ice Cream Shop flavours. Okay they’re not new new, they were launched a few months ago, but if you haven’t heard of them let me introduce you.

PC basically took a dozen of the most popular hard ice cream flavours you can get at your classic ice cream shops and packaged them into small-ish serving containers (about double the size of a Ben & Jerry’s tub) for the bargain of $3 a piece. Seriously – $3 for a tub of ice cream that you would pay $3 a scoop for at an ice cream parlour.

I’ve been lucky enough to sample about half of the flavours on offer, and I can say with confidence they are all delicious (and a bit softer than your typical hard ice cream for easy scooping). I’m personally partial to the Vanilla Sprinkle Party Cake for a festive treat, although the Rainbow comes in at a close second.

Top it off with a cute and colourful ice cream scoop if you want to leave something a bit more permanent behind. I’m in love with my fun IKEA one, which is sadly discontinued, but walk into any kitchen gadget store and you’re bound to find one. IKEA has come out with a new ‘engineered’ one for just $4.

Gifts, for the record, don’t need to be pricy. Simply showing up to an event with a collectively enjoyable treat is enough to put you in your friends, coworkers, and family’s good books. The list of possibilities is endless – potlucks and parties, thank you and get well soon, breakups and buddy hangouts, bbqs and beach days, etc. No matter how well you know the host, they’ll definitely appreciate this little token of appreciation.

And if you want to go all out, or are hosting a party of your own, do what a friend of mine recently did for her rehearsal dinner (after I introduced her to PC ice creams). Grab a few flavours, get some of PC’s waffle cones or waffle bowls, and set out little bowls with all the fixins – nuts, cherries, coconut, chocolate bits, and caramel and chocolate sauces for an instant, affordable sundae dessert bar.

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