Find of the Month: Orangefish

Giveaway Alert! Meet another amazing one-stop shopping destination for all your gifting needs here in Canada, plus enter to win a $149 prize package of cool gear and gift ideas.

Guiding Light

Light up any space with a creative, colour-changing 3D hologram sculpture from Canadian brand Blue Pine Studios!

Island Fever

Giveaway Alert! Want to add a little taste of the tropics to your home? Check out DUFMOD, a Canadian brand that specializes in beachy keen decor accents.

Housework Helper

Calling all harried parents – here’s a clever way to get the kids interested in lending a hand around the home.

Cushion The Blow

Add a conversational conversation starter to your home decor with one of Indigo’s new wordsmith-y throw pillows.

House Hunters

CONTEST ALERT! Need to shop for something to make your domicile sizzle? Check out these 5 fantastic ideas and you could win a designer pillow cover from Motif Pillows!

Flash Post: Hold Up

What looks ordinary promises extraordinary benefits for your home: the Cubby combines simple storage with clothing-friendly hooks. Genius!

Flash Post: Between The Sheets

What may look like an everyday household item isn’t quite so – presenting Sheex, the world’s first ‘performance sheets’ designed to give you the best night’s sleep possible.

Flash Post: Chalk It Up

Paint as a gift? Well, not just any paint. Tilano chalkboard paint gives you the opportunity to create a truly one-of-a-kind accent wall in an array of rainbow colours. Makes for a really cool unconventional housewarming gift!

Flash Post: Everyday Pretty

Make everyday a little bit prettier by updating your household tools and trinkets from alice supply co. With bright and matching stripes applied to everything from your plunger to your dust pan, it’ll make those little tasks just a little easier to swallow.

Flash Post: Unlocked

Keys please? Although I’m normally a little anti-keychain as a gift idea, these simple yet striking keys have made me reconsider my position. Learn why by clicking on!

Flash Post: Lit The Bottle

Just a nice dose of pretty for you today. Apothecary-inspired candles in four botanical aromas from US shop Alder & Co.

Flash Post: The Clean Fairy

Presenting Lush’s first foray into sumptuous home products – The Dish Fairy, a reusable solid soap wand that makes doing dishes a snap…and dare I say…almost enjoyable?

Security Blanket

Bright & beautiful and altogether snuggly – that’s what’s on the menu in today’s flash post with these cheerful handmade quilts from Hay.

Flash Post: Keys To My Heart

Today’s flashy post is all about making an everyday moment – “Here’s your key” – an everyday memory with designer keys in over a dozen unique shapes.