Just Around The Riverbend

Bath products are sort of the go to fallback gift for the gift-giving challenged. Hint: if you’re doing a secret Santa, it can be a little awkward to give Marge in accounting a Body Shop gift basket. It just is. It implies nakedness and…yeah.

That doesn’t mean you can’t do something snazzy with bath products though, and sometimes their gift sets are downright nifty! But instead of shopping at one of those major chains – Fruits & Passion, The Body Shop, Bath & Body Works, or Lush – why not go for a Canadian-made brand instead? There are dozens and dozens of brands out there, I’m opting to point you to one I’m familiar with called Tiber River.

The wizards at Tiber River are actually based in Winnipeg, where they operate two ‘concept’ shops that are part boutique, part beauty bar, part spa, part salon. The brilliant thing about their model is really the store element, where you can get simply packaged but sensational smelling products in a variety of ongoing and seasonal scents.

I wish their website was more updated so I could show you more of their products, but really it’s what’s *in* the packaging that counts! Unlike many other locally-made, small production bath product companies, Tiber River actually makes *everything* from scratch and has a massive product range. They aren’t just dabbling in a couple of organic shampoos, they’ve got the works, including gear for the men and babies in your life.

The company is also ethically sound, with a commitment to their community and quality-made products that don’t have those harsh additives many soap companies throw in. It’s your skin kids, take care of it!

Beyond the actual range of products, Tiber River has a wide array of scents, many of which are unique from the typical fruity scents you’ll find in chain stores. I’m a sucker for the sweets like Carmello and Vanilla Sugar or the Hubba Bubba-reminiscent scent of the grape soap, but their entire range covers spicy, sweet, floral, and ‘naked’.

I don’t have to spell out who you can buy bath products for. The answer is everyone – although take care to look into some of the more unique offerings by the company like their yoga mat spray (for the yoga enthusiast durr), the Mother & Child line (for new mommies that deserve some pampering), or the home collection of sprays, oils, and cleaners (for the new home owner).

If you don’t feel like ordering online from Tiber River, or you don’t live in Winnipeg, check out your local spa scene and see if any salons are offering up their own unique product lines. Whether or not it’s overdone, bath products are still a beloved gift – just make it extra special by seeking out a new source of sweet smelling goodies. You might also be surprised how much more affordable their stuff is!

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