Back To (Kitchen) Basics

Yesterday I talked about essentials, so let’s stick with that theme for today. My gift for today is literally the ULTIMATE gift for anyone that’s moving into their first place, apparently the main gift-giving occasion I can think of in the summer months. It’s especially excellent if it’s someone you’re not supremely close with – a coworker, a second tier friend, a friend of your spouse’s. You get the picture.

IKEA is calling this a new product, but basically it’s a retread of an existing one. The Chosigt grater is the Swedish furniture god’s gift to the kitchen. For $5 you get a little tub with three lids – one for thickly grated cheese, one for thinly shredded, and one to store the cheese if you’ve grated too much. It’s great because you automatically have a serving dish, or at least a catch-all for your cheese.

I was first introduced to the wonders of the IKEA grater many moons ago, back when you (somewhat unnecessarily, to be fair) got two little tubs along with two seal-proof lids and the two graters included here.

If you’re lucky enough to have an IKEA in your city, you can trot right into the start of the warehouse and you’ll no doubt find a bin (or stack) of them. If you don’t, make a point to snap a few up next time you’re near an IKEA, or special order a few in your next personal online splurge.

You might biting your cheek and thinking, really? A cheese grater? But whether your buddy has one or not, they will appreciate this. Cheese is universal, especially for the young uns whose main sustenance consists of pizza, tacos, and nachos. If you’re really sceptical, top off the grater with some other IKEA goodies, OR put together a gift package. If your friend is a nacho freak, get them a gourmet bag of corn chips, a hunk of jalapeno Monterey jack cheese, and a super spicy locally made salsa. Bon appétit!

Has anyone noticed this is the THIRD post I’ve written on cheese-related products? I’m sensing a pattern.

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  1. […] the innovative Bistro Sauce Pot, which warms the cockles of my culinary heart much in the way the IKEA cheese grater does. Mix your marinades and sauces in jar, dip the silicone brush in for your desired dollop […]

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