It’s My Party And I’ll Smile If I Want To

For the people out there who have kids, there seems to be an insurmountable amount of pressure on throwing a memorable birthday party. As someone who is born in November I was always lucky enough that no matter how new I was to a neighbourhood or school, by the time the glorious day of my birth came around, I would have a good number of friends to invite over for one of my fun themed parties. Most of these included a silent auction (where every kid would win at least one prize), most memorably this included me winning Saved by the Bell cherry-scented shampoo, a bit of which landed on my leg, me thinking it was frosting, accidentally dipping my finger into it, and then putting it into my mouth. *Shudder*

Anyway with all the crazy options out there – renting out an IMAX theatre for video game parties, taking the girls out for a mini-spa day, or massive pizza party rooms at restaurants – I’m kind of in favour of just having a party at home and letting kids’ imaginations run wild. Seeing Toy Story 3 recently might have something to do with that, as it reminded me how much fun just playing could be, versus ‘assisted’ playing via video games and the like.

Enter ‘Dress Up & Play Parties‘, a Manitoba-based outfit that basically delivers a party in a box. You choose the theme and whether you want the basic or the super package, and top it up with extras customized to your party’s theme – including recipe and activity guides to make party planning totally simple.

Each package includes a costume and goodie bag kids will actually get to take home, taking all the hassle of perusing the dollar store aisles out of your life. The themes are completely all over the map as well, making it easy to find something that matches your little one’s desires. While most of them will be embraced by girls – princesses, tea parties, and fairy tales – there are a number that will appeal to boys (and both) as well, including safari and superhero parties.

The prices for a basic package that will outfit and gift eight kids is $100 (+ $30 shipping if you don’t live in Winnipeg), or the deluxe version with more extras is $130. Don’t just think this is a ‘present’ (some might call it an obligation) for a parent to get for their child. If your sibling is super stressed to the max about party planning, surprise them with one of these party packs and they will thank you forever.

There are a few other options for party planning glory on the site as well, so peruse, order, and kick up your feet knowing a fantastic party is on the way.

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