Genius In A Bottle

The best part about summer (not so arguably) is the fact that, as a Canadian in particular, you can enjoy our great big beautiful outdoors. We have stunning provincial parks, amazingly nice beaches, gorgeous scenic hiking and biking trails, and ‘cottage country’ in abundance. All of that outdoorsyness requires some preparation however.

Today I bring you an extremely simple but awesome product: the Vapur water bottle. This puppy is a foldable, reusable bottle designed to go anywhere (when empty anyway). You can roll it up and throw it into your pocket, purse, knapsack, or suitcase and fill it up when you arrive at your destination (or en route) or have a simple way to be rid of the thing when you’re done with it.

Being an eco-friendly product, the Vapur is dishwasher friendly and reusable, meaning less of those pesky plastic bottles will be used and littered along whatever trail you happen to be treading. Also consider that because of the fact it can be flat-packed, the Vapur requires way less trucks to ship a large quantity of bottles. And if the mouthpiece gets a little grody, you can purchase new ones on the Vapur website instead of shelling out more dosh for a new bottle. And of course, it’s BPA free, those famed and feared chemicals found in certain types of dastardly plastic.

But wait, the features don’t stop! The Vapur is also attachable, so you can clip it onto your belt for easy traversing. It’s also freezable, so if you’re heading out on an all-day adventure you can freeze your liquid and enjoy the slow melt throughout. And you can write your name on it so you don’t get it mixed up with your friends and family members that are gifted with Vapur bottles as well. Did I mention it comes in five day-glo colours?

Now that I’ve sold you on how awesome this thing is, you’re probably wondering where you can get it, how much it costs, and who exactly you would gift it to. I spotted it at a national chain of greeting card stores for about $10, and I’m sure a few well-placed calls to eco-retailers, sports shops, and gift stores will help you track one down locally. The good news is, you can order them right from the Vapur website and the shipping charge is super reasonable – $2! – and the bottles are priced at $8.95 a piece. While you’re on the site, be sure to browse the company’s MO and why this one little bottle is such a fantastic idea.

Finally, who to gift this to? Well logically the friends and family in your life that love being outdoors or are always on the go. This is a fantastically generic gift to be honest – I can imagine nearly every friend I have liking it. The price point is just right also, whether as part of a larger gift or as a small token of your affection for a friend you might not be as tight with, a coworker, or a cousin. All ages, all occasions – this gift is almost as universal as its shape. Good things really do come in small packages!

One Response to “Genius In A Bottle”
  1. Sue Sinclair, Raspberry Kids says:

    Great article and shout out for the vapur!

    Raspberry Kids is very pleased to be the first retailer in Canada to carry them as a result of one of our customers discovering this amazing product and calling to our attention.

    They retail in Canada for $11.99 or you can buy a bundle of 4 for $44.99.

    We have been using ours for a few months now and have found them especially handy on the plane, in the car and the other day we froze them and then filled them with water and took them on a boatride on the lake!

    There are so many applications for them!

    If you have any questions regarding this product, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


    Sue Sinclair, Chief Executive Mom
    Raspberry Kids

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