Smell You Later

Feeling stuck for gift ideas? A beauty department at a department store or drugstore can be a great place for inspiration. Fragrance gift sets are plentiful, and if you know the preferred scent (or at least, preferred fragrance notes) of a friend or family member, it’s a safe bet that they’ll be happy with a bottle of their fave perfume or cologne.

If you’re a little more unsure, Shopper’s Drug Mart has the perfect solution. Introduced a couple of years ago to resounding feedback (seriously, they sold out), their fragrance gift boxes are a brilliant way to solve the dilemma of “Will they really like this?”. There’s a male and a female version, which are refreshed at least once or twice a year.

Each box contains ten sample spritzers of a variety of scents. The recipient can take their time to try out each scent, multiple times, to see how it really resonates with them and their skin. They can also peruse a little glossy booklet that comes with the set with details on each fragrance’s notes and ‘inspiration’. When they feel ready, they can take a certificate that comes with the booklet, bring it into Shopper’s, and trade it in for a medium-sized bottle of the perfume of their choice (of the ten included in the gift set).

Part of me thinks, perhaps I should caution people to ensure there is at least one scent in there they know the gift receiver would like. I say that because *I* asked for one of these gift boxes for my birthday last year knowing that I wanted Vera Wang’s ‘Princess’ perfume, which was one of the ten included scents. However after trying each one out, I fell in love with Paco Rabonne’s Black XS and Burberry’s The Beat, and ended up using my certificate for one, and buying the other during a crazy Shopper’s Optimum points weekend so I could in fact, buy a third (I haven’t yet).

Honestly, unless someone is a total fragrance-phobe, they will find *something* they like in these gift sets. Kudos to the creators of the sets for picking a wide variety of ‘themes’ – florals, fruits, and exotics were all prevalent, although not much by way of the fresh, clean, light scents out there. Regardless, it’s a great way to introduce people to new scents they might otherwise have never picked up, and it’s a thoughtful bonus seeing as how you get to keep ten little samplers after you’ve made your choice.

The price is right as well – it’s $70, which is a standard price for a bottle of perfume, and great for anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, or even Hallmark holidays like Valentine’s.

One Response to “Smell You Later”
  1. Katrina says:

    Do you remember which Nina Ricci perfume was in this one? Was it Nina, or L’Elixir?

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