Love That Lace

The tradition of guys buying lingerie for their sweethearts is a questionable one. I give props to the guy who is man enough to not only confirm his lady’s bra or panty (yes, I hate that word too) size, and then actually step into the world of pink, frilly, boobs-in-your-face lingerie shops. A friend of mine, his mom actually owns a lingerie boutique. True story, she gives his girlfriends lingerie from her store. That’s just…crazy.

Anyway, here is a relatively safe bet for the guy that has scored more than a few home runs with his gal pal. With a few caveats. Some girls are really picky about what they wear down there. Many others are skeptical about the point of buying sexy times bustiers, garters, and the like.

In general though, I’m going to recommend La Senza‘s Ooh La Lace no show thongs. Why you ask? The main reason is they only come in one size. So you won’t tread dangerous waters by buying your ‘mentally a medium’ girlfriend a size large. Secondly, they’re actually pretty practical – as per the ‘no show’ part of the title. Thirdly, despite being practical, they’re also pretty sexy, given they combine lace, tons of fun colours, and are, logically, a thong. Your girl won’t think she’s being disrespected / objectified, and you’ll be saving yourself from some potentially awkward “YOU THINK I’M WHAT SIZE???” conversations.

The NST’s are priced at $12 each, or basically buy two, get one free with their 3 for $25 deal. As mentioned, they come in a virtual rainbow of colour and styles and you can’t miss the giant display of them in one of the hundreds of La Senza stores across Canada and the world (Victoria’s Secret sells an identical product with a different name). Guys, your mission is simple: swoop in, grab three colours of your choosing, and leave before your face turns as pink as that cherise thong in your hand. These make great stocking stuffers, sweet anniversary gifts, or welcome surprises – tuck them into your gal pal’s underwear drawer.

If this post made you squeamish I apologize. The reality is, lingerie is a classic dude gift – I’m just trying to make it a little easier for the shy ones out there.

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