Thank Me Later

Today’s gift is pretty nifty. Way back when we were partying like it was 1999 (because it was), Hallmark introduced a program called ‘Write to the Future’. You could basically write a letter and send it to anyone you wanted, including yourself, and Hallmark would keep it safe until this current year, when the letters were mailed out. They’ve reintroduced the program (I guess they need to fill that room where the letters were stored) this year, with deliveries scheduled for the year 2020.

Envelopes for the ‘Write to the Future’ program are just $9.99 and available anywhere Hallmark cards are sold in Canada. From there all you do is write your letter and pop it in a mailbox, and Hallmark will keep it safe. Your letter does come with a unique serial code and change of address form, so if the intended recipient moves you can continually update them to ensure it eventually makes its way into the right hands.

Obviously this is what we call delayed gratification – you’re not going to tell your daughter or mother or husband or best friend or brother today that they’ll be receiving a letter in ten years. In fact, there is no occasion on which I would say this gift is appropriate, because I certainly can’t predict the future in ten years. What it is, however, is a nice sentiment, one that I’m sure will bring the intended recipient to tears when they read about your good ol’ fashioned emotions in letter format from a decade earlier.

There are, of course, some appropriate times at which to write the letter to ensure it’s at its maximum teary-eyed potential. Perhaps someone is graduating, getting married, having their first child, hitting a milestone birthday, or eight years old (as in, they’ll get the letter during their 18th birth year). Maybe you want to make a promise to a loved one, reminisce on the good times with a friend (and motivate you to keep in touch so you know their address), or thank your parents for a job well done.

If you’re not great at expressing the joy you feel about these momentous occasions in your life, honestly, everything looks better in letter form. As long as you can write, that is.

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