Fast Fry

Wedding season is almost over kids, but there’s still a few fall brides to come as we head into the final days of relatively dependably warm weather. My suggestion for today is definitely a bit on the pricier side, but something that’s totally worth it for the health-conscious foodie (okay, I myself might be pining for one).

The Shopping Channel in Canada doesn’t have quite the same following as its American counterpart, but you can find quite a few nifty items on there (and on their website) which are actually pretty hard to find in other places. At the very least, they are one of the few (if only) online retailers I’ve found that have the T-Fal Actifry readily available.
Before you jump down my throat about promoting a deep fryer, this is the most magical deep fryer of all time. You can deep fry all of your favourite goodies – including homemade, fresh, crispy fries – and only ever use just one tbsp of oil! If you’ve ever deep fried anything, you’ll know this is insane.

Even though deep frying has pretty negative connotations, and I’m not condoning frying up every meal you make, the revolutionary lack of oil combined with the fact you will be making things fresh, at home, instead of dumping some frozen, sodium & preservative laden goodies onto a tray, actually makes this a smarter, healthier choice than you might think. It’s also easy as pie, according to the manufacturer. You throw in the goods and it takes care of the rest, giving you deliciously crispy fries, desserts, meats, and more!

You can buy the T-Fal Actifry on the Shopping Channel Website for $300, which includes the machine itself, a cookbook with recipe ideas, a handy tablespoon for your limited oil use, and a bonus fry cutter to make chopping those potatoes easy as pie.

As mentioned in the opening, non-standard appliances (woks, deep fryers, stand mixers, raclettes and the like) are the types of things that make great wedding gifts. If you’re someone that splashes out on gifts for mom, a special couple, housewarming, etc., then the Actifry is a cutting edge, fun appliance to gift someone with.

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