Blue Who? Blue Q, That’s Who!

I went to a movie last night inside of a funny little mall jam-packed with locally-owned boutiques, including a fun little eco-friendly gift shop. In the window they had several eye-catching totes displayed, and I ventured over to find out just who made these crafty magazine-clipping-meets-retro-inspired bags, and I turned up with a company called Blue Q.

Based in Massachusetts, Blue Q *does* ship to Canada, and actually covers all duty and brokerage fees, bless, so that’s settled. What isn’t settled is just what I would actually recommend to you to buy at this point! The aforementioned shopper bags *are* amazing, but so are the dozen other bag products available on the Blue Q website. Plus they’re made from 95% post-consumer material, making them (logically by this point) an eco-friendly choice!

I mean…perhaps a fun box of tea in its own cutesy container will be your friends cuppa…well you know. Or perhaps your boyfriend would appreciate a practically one-of-a-kind ceramic toothbrush holder? How about kitschy temporary tattoos? Air and breath fresheners? Bath and body products? Dish towels and coin banks? Will the awesomness stop?

Another plus for this site? They offer up sub-brands for their products. One theme may span dozens of their products, so if you want to gift a girlfriend with a festive set of ‘Boss Lady‘ merchandise, simply click on the link and all ‘Boss Lady’ gear will pop up.

The Blue Q website does allow you to order directly from them (or place wholesale orders if you’re a gift shop owner), but it also has a handy dandy super accurate way to search for local stores that carry their product lines. A search of a few major Canadian cities and I was satisfied that this company more than meets my ‘Gifts You CAN Buy In Canada’ requirement for this blog. Now go. Indulge.

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