Best Dressed

CONTEST ALERT! Time for another retailer spotlight. This time we’re heading to the East Coast to check in with girly girl boutique La Quaintrelle. Plus, you could win a pretty brass necklace to give you a taste of the Quaintrelle lifestyle.

Flash Post: Zippy Cup

How’s this for a flash of inspiration? Gift this fun, fillable glass vase designed to look like an overflowing plastic bag.

Struck Silver

CONTEST ALERT: A sparkling treasure of a post for you lot today: I’m heading down to New York’s East Village to introduce you to Alex Story and her tough / chic / stunning gems…plus I’m giving away a ring worth $150 to one lucky reader!

Flash Post: True Tartan

Show your provincial pride with tartan scarves representing eight of Canada’s distinctly different provinces with today’s flash post – the quickest gift-giving advice you’ll ever receive.

Second Skin

CONTEST ALERT – if you’re gifting someone with a glorious, glossy piece of entertainment-related electronics, go the extra mile and score them a gorgeous removable skin from Trust me – there is something for everyone! Can’t decide? Enter to win a $25 gift cert to get you on your (shopping) way.

One For All

A look at Canada’s coolest new online retailer, the ADFM store, with glimpses of their hugely expansive, wildly creative, and ultra exclusive line-up of products.


CONTEST ALERT: I’m all for fit & healthy gift-giving ideas, particularly for kids, hence why I’m particularly psyched to introduce you to GeoPalz: kid-friendly pedometers with a genuine incentive to get off the couch. Plus, I’m giving one lucky reader a GeoPalz to gift their favourite kid (or themselves)!

Star Light, Star Bright

CONTEST ALERT: Shopping for Hanukkah? Looking for a gorgeous new good luck charm? Check out Jewish jewellery design Alef Bet by Paula for a line of sparkling stunners that’ll suit any price point. Plus, you could win this gorgeous star pendant pictured above. Chag Sameach!

Under The Christmas Twee

Five very cute, very sweet, very twee gift ideas for the girly gals in your life – from hand-painted bicycle bells to handcrafted miniature letter kits.

Bean Laden

Pssssst. Over here. Great gift-giving idea inside from a Canadian coffee aficionado…just keep it quiet. Or don’t.

Pond Hopping

The Canadian Gift Guide draws some overseas inspiration today, namely in the form of British retailers that allow us humble Canadians to bask in their wares through half-decent online shipping rates and AMAZING collections of stuff that’ll pretty much feel one of a kind. Jolly good.

Fall Follies

Breathe in that cinnamon sweetness in dive into a guide for fall-themed gift picks.

Playing Dressup

Want to buy your bestest girl a pretty sweet thing to rock this summer? Check out three online dress etailers you probably haven’t heard of before for some inspired shopping ideas.

No More Homework, No More Books

The end of school is just a breath away…get your kids to mind their manners and give a gift of thanks with this lovely set of days-of-the-week notebooks from

Head Games

Tired of your grimy white Apple headphones? Order your own custom set of headphones from the far far East (Hong Kong to be exact) and mix and match hundreds of different colour combos for an incomparable pair of listening buds.