Golden Gifts

As the weather turns a little bit cooler, it reminds me of another *very* cold part of the past year – the Winter Olympics. Although the glow of the Olympic flame has long since faded, there’s still a part of me that gets all nostalgic and misty-eyed when TSN airs reruns from those two magical weeks in February of 2010.

If you know of someone that loved the Olympics, or maybe someone that didn’t get to catch as much of them as they wanted, CTV has several box sets available to make it easy to pop a DVD or Blu-Ray in and take in breathtaking wins and heartbreaking losses all over again.

The regular limited edition box set varies in price from $60-$80 (DVD/Blu-Ray) and features five discs of Olympic action, including the ‘stories’ behind each sport, games highlights, the opening and closing ceremonies, and a special documentary on the games and the athletes that have strived to own the podium.

For the hockey aficionado, you can snap up the Hockey Gold set which includes the gold medal games for the men’s and women’s teams, as well as all of the men’s games from start to finish, plus special little bonus commentaries and introductions. For those folks that love to watch vintage games, this not-so-vintage set of one of the most memorable roads to the gold medal is a must-have. The Hockey Gold set retails for $50-$70, although you can purchase gift sets featuring both Hockey Gold and the Vancouver 2010 box sets for $100-$130.

There’s a ton of other Olympic gear available on the CTV website as well, much of which doubles as winter gear or suitable to break out for annual Canada Day celebrations. Keep in mind there is a sense of timeliness here – obviously Olympic gear was the most chic in and around the games, but pick out a special piece or two and keep it as a lifelong treasure of this memorable time in our nation’s history.

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