Chop Chop

In the spirit of some recent foodie memoirs I’ve read in the last year, I guess I’ve been including a lot of kitchen-y gifts in here. I can’t help it though – a lot of the people I shop for happen to enjoy some element or another of cooking (although none of us are food snobs, or even professed foodies), and I gurgle in delight whenever I come across some incredibly cute but maybe not totally necessary but still kinda practical kitchen gadget or appliance. Hello, I have ‘rice cooker’ on my Christmas list.

I recently stumbled across a brand that produces such innovative culinary aids, named Joseph Joseph (which I unsuccessfully tried to find on Google by remembering it as ‘Jason Jason’ or ‘Jacob Jacob’. The latter at least has musical ties…). They are actually a British company, much like another site I adore called Suck, but given that I came across them in a local home store, I imagine their products are at least somewhat available in Canada beyond the online eTailers I list below.

The particular item that first piqued my attention in said gift store was their cutting board index. With the never-ending hype about keeping your foodstuffs safe, you can never be too careful. Although my mom swears by glass, others gravitate towards traditional wood blocks or easy-clean plastic alternatives. The Index set comes with four colour-coded cutting boards in a stylish case, with each board stagger-labelled to make it clear what board is meant for what type of chop work. The four boards are meant to be used for raw meat, fish, cooked food, and vegetables – keeping your salmonella well away contaminating your other foods (or, heaven forbid, your e coli or mercury away from your uncooked meat).

The thing about innovation however, is that it’s expensive. The Index cutting board set retails for $84 on Amazon, while the Index Plus (complete with colour-coded knives to further separate the masses) costs $110 on Vital Wares, a fun Canadian home site. If you do splurge on this decadent set, make sure it’s someone that A) likes to cook, B) will appreciate the mixture of design meets function and C) won’t go, you spent $80 on CUTTING BOARDS?

All of this to say, Joseph Joseph does carry some more middle of the road pieces – perfect for wedding showers, housewarming gifts, or simply scrumptious pressies for that aspiring chef you know. The large folding cutting board caught my eye as an easy way to get all those pesky diced veggies into a pot that much easier, and it’s available for $30 on Vital Wares. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m kind of addicted to colour, and I love that Jo Jo lets you coordinate and complement your kitchenware across their extensive line of products. Alternatively, throwing an electric pop of colour in an otherwise spartan kitchen is an equally eye-catching solution to those Tuesday dinner blues.

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