Flipping Out

Back in the day, I had aspirations of being a filmmaker. While I’ve since settled for flagging aspirations to be a screenwriter, I do still value the time I got a video camera (which sadly collects dust owing to its five-minute battery life these days) of my own, regardless of how insanely expensive it was.

Today you can gift the video-inclined in your life with the quite affordable and very funky line of products from Flip, who actually has a special website just for Canucks like you and I.Whether it’s someone that loves to make YouTube shorts,capture every moment in their burgeoning family history, or the worldwide traveller that has a hankering to keep you posted with a videologue, the line of Flip cameras are fantastic because they’re small, sleek, and oh so easy to use, with controls reminiscent of an iPod and a digital camera.

The first product they offer is the Flip MinoHD (starting at $210 for one hour of recording time), which allows you to shoot in widescreen high-definition format with the press of a button, mimicking the quality of much pricier, bulkier models. When you’re ready to upload your creation, a flip-out USB port makes it easy to plug the entire thing in and call it a day. Another nifty feature allows you customize the look of your MinoHD by using their existing designs, uploading a photo of your own, or using a special pattern generator.

The second option are the Ultra and Ultra HD models. Although they don’t boast the design capabilities of the Mino, these models emphasize recording time and hard drive size, as well as an even more affordable price point for the non-HD Ultra, which is priced at just $160. To Flip’s credit, they lay it *all* out there with a spec chart that compares every detail across the four models. Whether you’re looking for affordability, the best quality possible, or something in between, Flip is definitely the way to go.

You can order Flip cameras directly from their website, which also includes a wide range of accessories – perfect for future gift giving, or if your entire family or group of friends wants to go in and compiling a little package of goodies for the budding Spielberg in your group. Flip offers free shipping from their website, but if you’re feeling cagey or want to fondle the goods for yourself, many major electronics retailers including Best Buy, Future Shop, The Source, Staples, and Wal-Mart sell the thing, plus it’s worth a shot to visit your locally owned camera store if you still can’t track one down.

Despite the affordability of the Flip, this isn’t a little surprise you pull out of a hat for someone. It’s perfect for milestone birthdays, the holidays, group gifts (particularly for someone going on a long trip or moving), or even new parents.

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