Game Face: YULU Is Changing Family Game Night

Giveaway Alert! Put your best game face on: YULU is challenging you to indulge in your inner spy on game night.

Level Up: Monopoly Gets the Nintendo Treatment

Monopoly meets Nintendo is a gaming match in heaven. Check out this way-different spin on a classic board game!

The Family Stone

CONTEST ALERT! Learn about Pamela Lauz Jewellery’s take on the family stone pendant – and how you could win one for yourself!

All In The Family

CONTEST ALERT! Learn about three awesome brands run by siblings around the globe and learn how you could win a gift card to splurge on some indulgent goodies for your face and body.

Housework Helper

Calling all harried parents – here’s a clever way to get the kids interested in lending a hand around the home.

Flash Post: Sno Place Like Home

More summer fun treats are on the docket for today, in the form of a handy home snow cone maker and grown-up syrup flavours to top it off.

Flash Post: Let’s Go Fly A Kite

Presenting the world’s shortest retailer spotlight…today’s post is really about introducing you to the Great Canadian Kite Company, a great source if you’re looking to buy a kite as a present, and make sure it lasts more than its maiden voyage.

Lawn Fare

Have quite literal fun with your gifts this summer. Today I’ve picked out five, family-friendly party games that’ll set up in your backyard and give you endless adventures and memories!

Flash Post: Brain Drain

Do your best moments of inspiration come when you’re soaking up some water? Never miss a brainwave again with this waterproof notepad!

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far…

CONTEST ALERT! Today I’m shining a spotlight on the very pretty and extremely customizable genealogy artwork of My Tree & Me. The rules are simple. Pick a print. Fill in your family history. Receive a stunning piece of customized artwork on your doorstep mere weeks later. Presto – instant awesome gift.

More Mahna Mahna

It’s easy to spend a little green when you’ve got fantastic Muppets gift-giving ideas like these ones. Check it out if you’d like a little more mahna mahna in your life.

Beyond The Board

CONTEST ALERT – I’m rolling out my picks for the coolest alternatives to your standard ol’ board games – from interactive gadgets to video games to activities for when you’re on the move, I’ve got some great family-friendly picks right here! Plus you could win an awesome stocking stuffer idea – a Clue Suspects Card Game!

Can I Have S’mores?

Summertime means camping, camping means s’mores. Am I right or am I right? If you’re heading out for a weekend excursion, considering picking up some new goodies from President’s Choice!

Hi Def

Longing for a loved one? Ship them Logitech’s super snazzy HD Webcam so they can record greetings and carry on video calls in true high definition!

Come Fly With Me

If you’ve got the cash to spare and you’re desperate to see a loved one this holiday season, consider getting one of Air Canada’s travel passes for amazing savings across relatively flexible travel destinations.