The Customized Side of Sears

The thing that actually inspired my monogram week was picking up a copy of the 2010 Sears Wish Book catalogue the other day. I didn’t even know companies still produced giant catalogues like this, and while the environmentalist in me says boo, the marketer in me says smart! Admittedly going through the catalogue I found a good number of solid gift ideas I plan to share in here eventually (or similar products based on ideas I hadn’t thought of before flipping through), which points to the power of visual marketing.

Moving on, I have to give kudos to Sears in another regard. Despite being a bit old school with the catalogue, they actually have a surprisingly in-depth website featuring a huge range of merchandise. Unlike The Bay, their fellow department store dinosaur counterpart, they make it easy and actually encourage online shopping, browsing, and price comparisons.

One nifty feature on the Sears website is their monogram department, available at Here you can learn a little bit about their monogramming services, and then simply click through to the category you’re interested in. Whether you want to go with something classic like sheets or towels, or let your beau have a Hugh Hefner moment in a customized robe, the website makes it easy as pie to browse to your heart’s content, select a product, and customize it at will.

All you have to do is use the monogram buying guide to specify your thread colour, initials, and font choice in the buying section and presto, you’ve got an instantly customized item heading to your local Sears store, or your front door. Given the range of products available, the Sears line of monogrammed products are ideal for a slightly older set (or young uns that are in the nesting stage) as a thank you, housewarming, or holiday gift.

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