I’m typing and sipping some Jones Berry Lemonade soda. Not at the same time, but pretty damn close. Anyway Jones is sort of the god of independent soda makers. With a virtual orchard of flavours to pick from, they’re also well known for their funky, ever-changing label art with photos supplied by the very people that drink the stuff.

But did you know that Jones ain’t just for commercial use? That’s right kittens, you can custom order your very own six pack or twelve-pack of Jones, including your choice of label image, customized message, and flavour. And because they want to appeal to us sugar-loving Canucks, you actually get 30% off their regular Canadian shipping prices at the moment to make things a little more affordable. A six-pack of Jones will set you back $17, while a round dozen is available for $30.

You might be thinking, soda? Schmoda! But consider the possibilities. Buy a few cases of customized soda and set them on the tables at your wedding as party favours (in your wedding colours) to either take home, or take the edge off your thirst after dancing up a storm. Surprise your hubby on your anniversary with a memorable photo from your first date or wedding, and serve them with a delicious homemade meal. Get a few dozen with various different labels representing different eras in your parent’s life to to celebrate a milestone birthday. Or even go the 21st century alternative to stuffing a ring in some dessert and add a proposal to the label of your bottles, to be shared at some scenic spot together.

The list goes on…get a six-pack for friends that are leaving town for good as a bon voyage beverage. Snag the ‘blue bubblegum’ or ‘strawberry lime’ flavours to celebrate the arrival of a new baby boy or girl (with the baby’s name on the label). Serve them as housewarming favours when you throw a party. Buy a set for the boss when she’s retiring. Serve them at a kid’s birthday party. Bring a six-pack as a hostess gift celebrating a memorable time the two of you have had together. Throw your logo on them and hand them out as corporate gifts at your next golf tournament…and on and on!

Did I mention that Jones also offers a range of interesting specialty products from time to time? The latest feature is close to my heart, with a six-bottle variety pack of some of Jones’ fave flavours, labeled with panels from the animated version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So as an random aside to this whole ‘customization’ gift suggestion, if you know a Buffy fan, I’ve just solved your Christmas woes. Ditto for Dungeons & Dragons fans, randomly. Bottoms up!

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