Let Your Walls Do The Talking

Well I’m back, and pretty zonked after a pretty crazy week, but one filled with gift-giving inspiration so lucky you, here is an idea I can certainly stand by – or under, because it’s currently on my walls.

Maybe it’s because I used to work for an art gallery, but I find it very difficult to find good, interesting, inspiring commercial art these days. The same prints and themes are constantly rehashed, and quite frankly, I’m a little sick of it. When I was house shopping last week the thought occurred to me that it might be really neat if I could just build a giant clock on my wall instead of buying a piece of meaningless art. I was at Rona, looking aimlessly for a certain product, when I veered into the decor area, only to find *exactly* what I was looking for.

Introducing mur*mur, a Canadian-based purveyor of easy-to-install, tres chic decals for your walls. I stumbled upon the clock section and was flabbergasted that the very things I was looking for – clock hands and a wall decal – were readily available for a reasonable price of about $50 total. The decals range from vibrant and rainbowy to cool and classic (like my Grand Central inspired design, which I promise to post a photo of soon), and you can customize it further with your choice of clock hands and numbers in a range of colours and sheens.

When I dragged the boyfriend over to check out my haul, he quickly glommed onto the fact there is more to mur*mur than meets the clock-fixated eye. The company also has jumbo-sized mural-style decals, including the very awesome world map we bought (pictured above). If you don’t have a whole wall to spare, you can easily snag one of their smaller decals, or get creative with their chalkboard decals, nifty mirrors, glow-in-the dark panels, and more!

I can speak with honesty and ease that these puppies are relatively easy to install, so don’t worry that you’re sidling a friend or family member with some impossible decorating task.

As I said last time I talked art, there is a very fine art to giving a gift that is so incredibly personal. What may strike one person’s fancy may be another person’s worst nightmare, so tread carefully. At the very least, buying a decal from the collection (via Rona especially) will introduce your gift recipient to a new company and way of decorating, so even if you don’t knock it out of the park with your choice, at least they can go back and select their perfect design.

Logically artwork like this makes sense for a housewarming, or if you know someone renovating a new room and is simply looking for that finishing touch. Alternatively, drag your bosom buddy out on a shopping ‘errand’ and stumbled upon the mur*mur line for yourselves. Let their eyeballs do the talking, scope out the decal of their choice, and surprise them! Presto, you’ve got a stylish piece of easy-to-install unique art, perfect for the modern guy and gal in your life.

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