Don’t Slip Up

In the last decade, us tender-toed Canadians were gifted with a practical, snuggly, improbably alternative to the winter boot – namely, Uggs. These days however, the ubiquitous boot has plenty of competition, including the super adorable slipper boots I’m showcasing today.

Slippers are an awesome gift because every woman (and man) knows they’re completely necessary in the chilly winter months, but we also all know that they wear out like *that*. Made by Cicciabella, these western-inspired slippers keep your toes and ankles snug with faux sheepskin lining, but it’s the outer suede boot design that really adds an extra oomph to your weekend wear. Best of all, the sole on them is rugged enough that you can actually make short-haul treks out in them – whether shopping for that next great gift or treating yourself to a day at the spa.

I spotted the booties at Tryst Lingerie, a Canadian-owned Toronto-based shop that has two locations, on Englinton and Queen Street respectively. If you’re not lucky enough to be in immediate proximity, the folks at Tryst will ship orders anywhere across the country and accept payments over the phone. At $65 a pair, these luxury slippers are ideal for a fun and funky mom, sister, aunt, or bosom buddy. Kick up your heels cowgirls!

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