Spotted At Starbucks

I’m not a crazy Starbucks devotee, but I certainly like to suck back the odd Peppermint Hot Chocolate or Chai Tea Latte over the year. Last night was one such occasion, and while my frothy bevvie was being prepared I found myself drifting over to the gift section. Starbucks is a pretty natural place to shop for coffee-related goodies – they’re generally universally loved and always have a fab selection of products to begin with, which are just ramped up that much more for the holidays.

My two picks of the litter would be, first, a sampler pack with six mini-bags of various brews for $15. Whether someone is a seasoned Starbucks sipper or a general coffee dabbler, they’ll definitely appreciate this bean bonanza. Wrapped up in a festive box that you could skip the wrapping, this makes a great gift in terms of price point for Secret Santas, or your lower-tier giftees that you may spend a little less on. If the person you’re shopping for isn’t a coffee fiend, consider snapping up the hot chocolate or Tazo tea sets instead!

Secondly, if you want to throw in a small token for that signature Starbucks addict in your life, consider snapping up one of their adorable new to-go cup ornaments, priced at just $5 each. I’m a tiny bit ambivalent about buying Xmas gear as Xmas gifts, but my consensus in general is that even if the ornament stays up on your tree for all of three days in 2010, you will feel a squee of excitement next year as you put it up for the full season. As a finisher, this is a nice way to acknowledge your friend’s coffee addiction without feeding it. It may not be practical, but they are definitely pretty…and I suspect Starbucks will be rolling out more of them in years to come.

Obviously the Starbucks gift area is a gold mine for similar items, but these are the two that jumped out at me. Happy sipping and shopping kids!

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