All I Want For Christmas Is…

What’s amazing about the title of this post is that back in the 1990s, Mariah Carey managed to change the remainder of that lyric from ‘my two front teeth’ to ‘you’. Many have tried and few have succeeded at creating a modern Christmas classic, and with that, I tip my hat to the trill-happy one.

If you (or your big sis) was a fan of Mariah’s original holiday album released in yesteryear, you might get a kick out of her latest offering, which has some of the most positive reviews surrounding a holiday release that I’ve seen in years. Unlike d-list starlets that release a holiday album in the hopes of moving a few albums and making a few bucks (I’m looking at you Jessica Simpson), Mariah has proven herself as a worthy holiday warbler.

Looking for proof in the pudding? Check out Mariah’s mama, who lends her operatic vocals to ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’ in a surprising entry between the vocally blessed pair. Like buying holiday ornaments or decorations, it sometimes feels a little weird to gift someone with something on Christmas, that will sort of lose its seasonality the day you give it to them. On that note, consider Mariah’s holiday album as a solid gift if you’re doing a Secret Santa swap with friends (which generally take place well before Xmas), or sneak it to the hostess before the rest of her guests arrive so she’ll have a festive (and surprisingly low key) soundtrack for a special gathering. At the bargain basement rates holiday albums are being sold for this year, you absolutely can’t go wrong…unless someone is anti-Carey, that is!

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