Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner At…

Tiffany’s, where else? It’s a known fact that nearly nothing makes a girl squeal like seeing that signature Tiffany blue colour under the Christmas tree, but instead of splurging on a piece of splashy flash, why not give the gift that’ll get that sigh year-round?

Believe it or not, Tiff has gotten a little more diverse in recent years. No longer content to be a jewelery gal, she now carries sunglasses, keychains, purses, and other accessories. If robin’s egg blue is a welcome sight, consider splashing out on a stunning leather piece that can be used year-round, and admired every second it’s visible.

Logically, this stuff doesn’t come without a Tiffany’s-style price tag. The small-sized flat pouch above retails for $115, although one can only imagine the quality of said bag contributes at least a little bit to the hefty cost.

If you want something a little less bag-gy, but equally worthwhile to toss into your oversized purse, consider the Tiffany 1837 sterling silver pen. Again with the price, I warn, it’s $175, but if you’re perusing the Tiffany’s website already, you probably don’t really care much for sticker shot. This collectible item will add a burst of happiness everytime its used, even if it’s to sign those pesky bills.
The good news is, there is a Tiffany’s website customized for us Canadians, including pricing. So whether you opt to go the sparkly route (like say, the $170 Paloma Picasso necklace shown above) or the stylish accessory route, there’s plenty of filters and gift ideas on their page. But hurry! The shipping deadline for holiday arrivals in Canada is coming up mighty fast, this Tuesday, December 14th.

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