Culinary Curiosity

Know someone that can’t live without their morning brew? Have a hostess in your life that regularly hosts wine tastings? Is your mom a domestic dabbler in the kitchen? No matter whether your pal is a seasoned expert or a mere enthusiast, there is  plenty to learn with Ghigo Press’ boxed reference decks and other collectibles.

The reference decks, priced at $15, give you all sorts of history, recipes, and ideas for your coffee, wine, and spices. Each collection consists of dozens of cards that help distinguish between say, a zinfandel and a pinot noir. These little coffee-table style guides are perfect hostess gifts, Secret Santa ideas, or stocking stuffers based on their price point and ‘safe’ appeal – as long as the person you’re buying for has a decent interest in the deck you choose, you should be golden.

Ready for more? The company also offers posters and calendars to further up the decor devotion for your giftee, providing you with easy-peasy gifts for occasions to come. No doubt, they’ll probably continue expanding their line, so do check back often. And yes, the company does ship to Canada. So with that in mind, Bon appetit! Cheers! Get sippy!


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