Samba Surprise

Today’s gift suggestion is perfect if you’re still scratching your head over what to get those superstar employees, friends, or family members for the holidays. Instead of bequeathing yet another fountain pen or a meaningless gift card, why not purchase a super special experience that will last a lifetime?

Enter Samba Days, a Canadian-based web company that literally sells you pre-packaged experiences. You will, quite literally, receive a box in the mail that details all of the exciting features of the experience you’ve purchased.

And what sort of Samba Days experiences can you purchase? Consider a weekend spent driving a Porsche Boxster,  an evening on a romantic dinner cruise, or a day tucked away in a spa getting a chocolate body scrub. The possibilities are grouped by theme – including Action & Adventure, Body & Soul, Getaway, Gourmet, Life & Culture, Wine, and ‘Platinum’ – and then by location. From there it’s a question of how much you want to spend and what mouth-smacking, muscle-relaxing, heart-pumping activity would most strike your giftee’s fancy.

The possibilities for this obviously extend beyond Christmas, although the bosses out there should take note that these make a great incentive or bonus gift, especially around the holidays. If you’re already doing some Valentine’s Day planning, there are tons of romantic options here for you and your beau. Or if you’d like to plan that perfect proposal for later in the year, consider snagging a box now to give you an excuse to get all dressed up or out in the wilderness for a picturesque setting to pop the question. Skip the toaster during wedding season and give the happy couple a post-honeymoon retreat in the woods. Treat mom & dad for a special anniversary, congratulate a new grad with a weekend getaway, or bequeath your boyfriend with a dream driving experience.

Unfortunately Samba Days is still developing its programming for Eastern Canada and Quebec, but they do promise those opportunities are coming soon. In the meanwhile, Ontario and the West have tons of opportunities at their fingertips to make memories that will last well beyond the holiday season.

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