Shopping Fingers At The Ready

Whenever I go shopping (and that’s often), my boyfriend always makes fun of me for something we call ‘shopping fingers’. Namely, I find shopping a tactile experience and my clothes-happy digits tend to just run over everything in the store, sometimes stopping over a particularly luxe cashmere sweater or a funky textured print. Online shopping in its own way inspires my shopping fingers – through the click-click-click of the mouse and the type-type-type of my credit card number.

One thing I haven’t gone in-depth with lately is clothing suggestions for the holidays. At the end of the day I could send you to virtually any clothing retailer in Canada and you will probably find something up your giftee’s alley, especially if they’ve already given you a few gift suggestions like that fabulous ruched trench at Le Chateau or those adorable stacked platforms from Guess.

If however, you’re interested in going Canadian in your boutique travels, consider Based in Toronto, this 1800 sq ft space features only Canadian designers. If you can’t make it to their actual shop, they also offer a pretty extensive online store as well, chockful of up-and-coming and relatively established designers, like Matt & Nat, creators of stunning vegan-friendly purses like the Jorja above, $140.

Stores like this are somewhat few and far between, hence why I’m throwing my support behind the Shopgirls. I’m totally in support of shopping at local boutiques, especially when they carry Canadian designers – you’re getting more bang for your ‘shop local’ buck, and helping fresh faces in the industry establish a foothold. For the person you’re shopping for, they’re getting a piece that is virtually one of a kind given the limited production quantities and availability of these designers, making their item extra special, like the Stacey Zhang fall coat above, $325.

Generally speaking, locally made, Canadian made, boutique sold clothing costs more than the mass market you find in the likes of H&M. But considering that all three of those checkpoints I just listed are critical to supporting the Canadian fashion industry, I’d hazard a guess that it’s actually worth it. Shopgirls is still a growing initiative, but with a little support from us Canadian Gift Guiders, they’ll be booming in no time. PS – check out their giftware as well for ideas for the home, kids, and more, like the ‘Broadway Coasters’ above, $20.

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