Scotch Watch

Looking for a quick fix to spice up your co-worker or sweetheart’s desk? Look no further than Scotch Canada. Yes I’m talking about the purveyor of your basic office supplies – tapes, glues, scissors, and the like. But like most forward-thinking brands, Scotch has expanded their product line to add a little snazzy style to your desktop.

Namely, I’m talking about their uber cute fashionista tape dispensers. Retailing at a reasonable $12.99 a piece (at Staples), Scotch has released two look-at-me dispensers that will bust away the blahs of any ol’ desk clutter, plus they’re made in Canada. The design above comes in both red and pink, and 50 cents from every pink dispenser sold goes to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

If the Mary Jane wedge is a little too cutesy for your besties’ desk, splurge on the equally sassy stiletto model instead, for the exact same price. I’ve spotted these dispensers all over the place – Indigo, Staples, Grand & Toy…basically anywhere you can find giftware, desk trinkets, or office supplies, you’ll be sure to find one of these adorable items. Consider them as a bon voyage gift for a coworker moving onto greener pastures or moving. Or treat an employee that’s on their way up – if they’ve earned a promotion (and an office of their own), snag a dispenser as a little congratulatory token. Or if your lady friend gets a new gig, snag one as an officewarming gift. Cheap, chic, and full of personality – you can’t go wrong!

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