Yay for Canadian companies! Double yay for Pierre Belvédère’s stunning line of paper products and office essentials, which are designed in ever-so-chic Montreal and produced in upping-the-chic-factor Italy. I first encountered the line in Indigo recently (shocker), and despite being a ma-jor bookworm, I’m tempted to blow my holiday gift card on a buttery smooth, creamy-paged notebook instead of something from my list of 100+ to-read novels.

I mean, where to start? Being a colour whore, the fact that nearly every product in the company’s entire line comes in a rainbow of shades and colour-coordinating palettes, I’m obviously sold already. From a practical standpoint, all of the pieces produced by Pierre Belvédère are absolutely usable and contain the features you’d be looking for.

I also love the extensions of the line from mere paper products. Interested in a matching pen, folio, or wrapping paper set? Bingo, they’ve got it. Seriously…take a browse and tell me you aren’t falling in love and picturing your home or work desk instantly brightening up? I’m particularly in love with the noteblocks decked out with snazzy tearaway designs.

They’ve also got some super cute themed notebooks – if you’ve got a movie buff, travel lover, or someone on their way to the alter and looking for a guestbook, consider snapping up a modern take on the diary for your giftee.

I don’t really need to explain when notebooks and the like are appropriate gifts. They’re sort of a catch-all fallback gift in the same vein as bath products, in that you know they’ll (likely) use it at SOME point, but if you can find a design, colour, or theme that particularly suits your giftee’s lifestyle and interest, then prepare to score some bonus points when your pressie is unwrapped. Or if all else fails, feel free to send one my way 🙂

As I said, the products are definitely available through Indigo – check out their website as a starting point – but the company website has a very handy “where to find” section as well.

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