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Ultimate. It’s not just a silly variation on football played with a frisbee. In fact, it can also refer to something that’s truly awesome, utterly amazing, or just plain cool. Today’s gift suggestion has branded itself as ‘Ultimate’, and I can’t say I disagree exactly. Namely, we’re talking about the rereleases of the first four Harry Potter films in a new special ‘Ultimate’ edition.

Each of these special versions of the film adaptations of the beloved children’s book series are available in Blu-Ray and DVD, and retail for around $35 / $28 respectively. Packaged in ultra-special book-sized packaging, the collections include the film (often with bonus footage not shown in theatres), plus a ton of bonus content, including a four-part series of documentaries called ‘Creating the Magic’. Having caught three of the four documentaries on A&E of all places, I can say that whether you’re upgrading to Blu-Ray, or collecting or watching the films for the first time, these little documentaries alone are worth the so-called price of admission.

With new and vintage interviews with the cast, crew, and JK Rowling herself, behind-the-scene snapshots from the set, interactive DVD games, and insider info on how they brought these films to life, you’ll be more than ready for the final film’s release in a mere six months time. Each movie also comes with a special collectible – including character ‘trading cards’, a 48-page photo book, and lenticular cards, to truly bring some magic into a young person’s life.

As I noted earlier, these sets are obviously ideal for someone that doesn’t own the films already, or alternatively, is looking to upgrade to Blu-Ray. Consider teaming up with your family and group buying a DVD each for a birthday extravaganza. I’m guessing the final four films will be released in a clump like the first four, and are probably contingent on more spellbinding documentaries being produced. Get ready to be completely swept away with the magic of Harry Potter!

2 Responses to “Spellbinding Entertainment”
  1. Kristine De Guzman says:

    Hello… how much will this fan pack cost??? email me ASAP

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