Say That You Love Me

You know, the first Sex and the City film had its virtues. Namely, finally seeing Carrie plan a wedding – however disastrous it turned out. Part of Ms. Bradshaw’s planning was reading a book of great love letters when researching her vows, a sentiment that becomes a major plot point when Mr. Big types them out in a bid to win back Carrie’s affections at the end of the film. So sweet.

Anyway, there was a bit of an outcry after the film because such book didn’t actually exist…that is, at least not until the demand for one existed. In the last two years since the film’s release, several different volumes have been published, although I’m going to point you in the direction of editor Ursula Doyle, and the two books she’s released – ‘Love Letters of Great Men’ and ‘Love Letters of Great Women’. Both books are available online and in bookstores for less than $15 (

Each book has dozens of letters from names quite recognizable – Jane Austen and Mozart anyone? – but just in case you aren’t familiar, each letter is prefaced by a brief overview of the author to provide some context. Who were they? Who are they writing to? When did they fall in love? What became of their relationship? Although you can’t expect every word to embody the fiery passion many of these writers likely felt for their loved ones, there are plenty of inspiring and surprising glimpses into the private lives, minds, and hearts of the authors that will prove swoon-worthy to modern readers.

If you’re looking for something a little less historical, there’s also the PostSecret-style book, Other People’s Love Letters, compiled by Bill Shapiro. From lusty napkin flirting to heartbreaking handwritten relationship quashers, the letters contained in this book are ‘found’ objects, likely never meant to be exposed the world at large, but nevertheless, they provide a realistic encapsulation of love in today’s world – the good, the bad, the hot, and the horrible. Retailing for $18 (Amazon), the book is slightly more coffee-table oriented as opposed to that of epic romances, but its heart is in the right place.

Obviously I’m bringing this up because V-day is just a few short weeks away. I’ll quickly explain my feelings on the holiday itself. I feel like the sentiment behind Valentines is something you should celebrate every day of the year, or at least when the markup on flowers isn’t so damn high. That being said, I sort of like the idea of splashing out on something special, of feeling at least some little motivation to do something to acknowledge the way you feel about someone, so in that regard, I will be posting a sampling of Valentine’s-appropriate gifts over the next few weeks.

I think the books above are incredibly special and sentimental ways to acknowledge the holiday without expanding your sweetheart’s waistline, or lightening your wallet considerably. If you’re getting married in the near future, take a page out of Carrie’s book and buy one for your partner to peruse for vow inspiration. After all, we all have to learn from somewhere right? Consider this lesson, over.

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