On The Straight & Narrow

A pretty, crafty gift idea for anyone looking for perfection – or at least, better than a hastily written down scrawl. Meet The Lettermate, a handy visual guide for addressing your envelopes.

Photo Finish

Get sentimental with Polaposts – mailable Polaroid-inspired frames that are the next-better-thing to postcards, and also provide an interesting opportunity for wedding gift thank-yous! Now we just need Canada Post to stop striking so you can ship them out!

Say That You Love Me

It’s the first of the (dreaded?) Valentine’s posts, but don’t worry, we’ll get a little sentimental, but never sappy. First up? A few books that represent love in its truest, most honest form – compilations of love letters from yesteryear and today.

Thank Me Later

Riddle me this: what can you buy today, send away tomorrow, and not gift for ten years? Click on to find out.