Change Of A Dress

Two weeks and two Sex & The City references later…I’m pretty sure I’ve referenced today’s etailer in the past, but it never hurts to bring it up again I suspect. I’m talking about the world’s prettiest online store, Based in the US of A, ModCloth does offer shipping to Canada at a pretty reasonable rate (plus discounts if you spend over $100), but unfortunately one of the site’s best features – free shipping returns – isn’t offered to Canucks.

Moving on from there, I will quickly explain what ModCloth is. Founded by a couple of high school friends, the site is basically a super-interactive shopping experience that focuses on fun, retro-inspired fashion and accessories – including a very in-demand vintage section where you can pluck one-of-a-kind finds with little to no effort. ModCloth tends to shine in the dress department, but really all of their clothing is quite lovely. They have a very vocal customer base that posts frank reviews, rates items, and participates in a nifty program that allows you to weigh in on possible additions to the ModCloth product lineup.

The prices for clothes generally range between $30-$150, with some dresses topping out at the $300 mark. So yes, it’s a little pricier than what you might get if you shop at the mall, but it’s also the chance to buy something super unique and representative of your friend’s personal style and interests. Of course, make sure you’ve got their size down right, and take care to look at the comments by fellow shoppers – they are invaluable for determining whether you should size up or down for your dressed up darling. If you’re feeling uncertain about sizing, they do offer a solid selection of outerwear and accessories, which tend to be the easiest to scope out for a pal.

I’ll also briefly mention the ‘Apartment’ section, which is kitschy giftware, the likes of which Urban Outfitters is quite well known for carrying similar products. Everything on the Apartment side of things really fits in with what you’d expect from the company – from cutesy office decor to bathroom accessories to practical but adorable jewelry holders, if you’re ever short on inspiration, take a gander at the glorious giftware, right at your fingertips. You may even be able to track down a few of the suppliers in Canada, or at a local gift shop 🙂

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