Just For The Record

Egads it was a busy week last week, my apologies for the quieter pace of this blog, but tis winter, which means nose to the grindstone and less time for gifting.

Anyway, one general ‘gift concept’ I particularly love is extending the life cycle of an existing object. Think – mirror frames made of recycled paper, picture frames repurposed from broken glass, necklaces with stray Scrabble tiles. All fun. I’ve seen a lot of neat things done with records (think: vinyl) over the years, and I thought it was time to bring someone up in this blog that makes items from vintage records.

Today’s gift guide suggestion is WrecordsByMonkey, a Brooklyn-based outfit that is one of the authorities du jour on repurposing those vinyl wonders. In fact, in the mere seven years since the company first opened, they’ve made 200,000 vinyl bracelets, the equivalent of 100,000 that would have otherwise ended up in the landfill.

The cool thing about the company, beyond their ultra-sustainable (for the time being anyway) source product, is that you aren’t just slapping a piece of black plastic on your wrist. These guys are true artists, from their ever-evolving line of bracelet collections, they also offer a variety of shapes, sizes, and even types of jewelry beyond your standard cuff bracelet – like the gorgeous Brooklyn necklace above, which retails for $69 USD.

If you want to go for something a little more affordable, the WBM collection is more shape than design focused, cutting costs exponentially for a more streamlined look. The ‘Natural Record Band Bracelet’ shown here is only $10 USD. Obviously this is a really cool gift idea for the slightly edgy fashionista (or fashionister) in your circle, particularly as an amusing anti-diamond send-up for Valentine’s Day. The prices and selection are pretty varied so you’re bound to find something cool for under $100 that has a bit of street cred and a lot of originality.

Did I mention they also rock home accessories in the form of everything from lightswitch covers to clocks? Love! The company DOES ship to Canada, however any sort of taxes and duties rest on you – as is true of most American eTailers. Get your shopping fingers spinnin peeps!

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