Watch Yourself

Another day, another hybrid of functionality and jewellery. This time we’re zeroing in on iWatchz Q Series watchbands, produced by those wizards over at Apple for under $30.

In a nutshell, if your loved one owns the sixth generation (read: newest) iPod nano, you can pick up one of these nifty sporty wristbands and attach your iPod nano with the tiniest bit of effort. Presto, you’ve got yourself a new watch and iPod player all in one…and who said the wristwatch was dead?

The main selling point, aside from the trust level that comes from buy an official Apple product, is the sheer ease of using these things. There aren’t any complicated screw or hook-ups, it’s as simple as using their patent-pending technology to drop, slide, and click the thing into place. The watchbands are currently only available in black and (Valentine’s!) red, but they are available on the Apple Canada website, and in-stores if you’ve got one in your city. Whatcha waiting for, get a move on and ch-ch-check it out.

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