Find Of Month: Nintendo 3DS

And who said that 3D thing was just a phase? It seems like more and more, developers and technical whiz kids are coming out with mind-blowing ways to upgrade our favourite entertainment technology…take for example, the 3D TVs that are currently in development where you don’t need a pair of glasses – whatsoever – to achieve a 3D effect?

The same is actually true of Nintendo’s latest portable gaming system – an area they’ve truly shown to excel and trailblaze in. The 3DS is based on the classic Nintendo DS controls, making it instantly familiar to anyone that has played with Nintendo just about ever. The main feature point is the fact it allows you to immerse yourself (as much as one can given the small screen size) in 3D gaming, set to the specs of your choice.

To go with the launch of the game at the end of March, Nintendo is also releasing a pretty substantial line-up of games built just for the system, including classic favourites like Resident Evil and Madden Football alongside newcomers like racing game Asphalt 3D.

Another interesting thing is the advancement of the system to more and more replicate the likes of iPad (which, PS, is NOT available in 3D before you start naysaying) with browsable apps. The price isn’t exactly light on the wallet – $250 – and the waiting period may be pretty torturous considering how early I’m promoting this thing…but it’s also that must-buy-toy, and it’s not even Christmas. If you want to guarantee one for yourself, a friend, or family member, I suggest jumping on the “One 3DS per household” rule on the ASAP to make sure your purchase is counted.

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